January Food Storage Group Order

We’re doing food buckets and gamma lids and wheat grinders this month so spread the word!

Gamma Lid for Food Storage Buckets- coolest invention ever!

So our new ward gladly welcomes our food storage vision and put Mike on the preparedness committee only 3 days after we moved in (our records weren’t even there yet!).  So I’ll do my best to let you know about what we’re offering each month.  Email or leave a comment if you want anything and I’ll get an order form to you!

January 2011 Emergency Preparedness Group Order
 Money is due Sunday, Jan. 30th
Hand Crank Wheat Grinder (Hand Crank) $50.00– Create an infinite variety of new textures and flavors in home baking, cereals, snacks, beverages and desserts.
KTec Electric Wheat Grinder $165.00– Provides a quality grain / flour mill which will process all types of grains without killing nutrients and flavor.
5 Gallon Bucket (food grade plastic) $4.00– Stores food safely for long or short term storage
Bucket Lid (for long term storage) $1.50– Has an o-ring for an air tight seal
Gamma Lid $6.00 – Easily twists on and off buckets for quick access to stored food
Potato Slices (#10 can) $6.00– Rehydrate and use in casseroles and breakfasts! Each can makes approx 24 ½-cup servings
 Diced Potatoes (#10 can) $7.50– Rehydrates in about 20 min.  makes approx 24 ½-cup servings