Mikey’s Taylor Swift/ Word Girl Connection

Word Up it's Word Girl

Word Up it's Word Girl

I think this is a cute little text to world connection.  We were driving around today in the truck and the ever-so-catchy Taylor Swift “You Belong to Me” song was playing. 

Mikey:  I like this song.  It says that word that they say on Word Girl all the time.

Me : What word is that?

Mikey: something I couldn’t figure out that sounds like: butchert

Me: Blood shirt?

Mikey: No, butchert

Later at home Mikey tells me it’s not a word they say, but a person.  So we go to the PBS kids website, search for Word Girl, scroll through the villians, and he identifies the butcher from the pictures shown. 

Mikey: on the song it goes when you wake up and find the butchert

Me: Let’s go listen to the song, because I’m still confused (goes and pulls up Taylor Swift lyrics website and listens to song with Mikey)

Here’s the real lyrics of the chorus:

But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts
She’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time

Apparently the part about “wake and find that what you’re looking for” sounds like “wake and a find the butcher” to little Mikey.   Thought it was pretty funny and I’ll probably sing along in the truck to Taylor Swift while thinking about Word Girl from now on.  Oh that song is so catchy.  Sorry if you now have Taylor Swift stuck in your head.

Free Baby Formula and More!

I joined a new Yahoo group that was a branch off of a Freecycle group and they not only are offering kid’s items, but the moderator is posting sites where you can get FREE STUFF! No surveys, just enter in your contact info and wait a few weeks.  It’s worth a try!  I’ve copy and pasted the info from the group posts. Thanks moderator!!  Anyone else know of some good freebies?

Free Huggies wipes: http://www.marthababysteps.com/reqform.php

Free infant formula: http://www.membersmarkformula.com
click the 5th tab on the top of page for free sample
fill in your info, and recieve in 2 to4 weeks

Free Johnson & Johnson New Baby Pack: contains literature, coupons and samples
toll free automated recording 1-800-526-3967
press #1
Press #1 again
Press #1 once more
Give them your contact info and you are done! Takes about 2 weeks to receive.

Free sippy cup: http://www.juicyjuice.com
click the special offers tab on the top right corner of the page.
Scroll down and in the middle of the page there is an option to recieve
a free sippy cup. Fill in your info, allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Free infant formula: http://www.parentschoiceformula.com
Click the samples tab in the top right corner, fill out your info, allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Free Playtex drop in bottle with liners: http://www.playtexbaby.com
go to the bottom right corner and select BPA FREE bottles. Fill out the
info and you will recieve 1 drop in bottle, 5 liners and a nipple. OH and no stupid surveys to fill out either!
Shipping: 6-8 weeks

Now if I could get some magic potty training potion or something for my toddler then we’d being doing even better.  Oh well!�