September Events

We went to my parents house after Labor Day to celebrate their town’s Peach Days- a week long celebration with small town festivities.  The ironic thing is that the town doesn’t even have peach orchards any more.  Regardless, the boys had so much fun participating in all the events. 

Monday: Strut Your Mutt Pet Parade

Tuesday: Talent Show

Wednesday: we went to visit family in Provo

Thursday: I don’t remember. 

Friday: Dinner and variety show at Mayor’s Park

Saturday: Town Parade, lunch and festivities and City Park, Soap Box Derby,  Horse Races, and Demolition Derby.

We also had picnics in the mountains, towed my mom’s Explorer to safety since she nearly drove it over a ledge into a mudddy stream, got lots of rain, and visited with lots of neighbors and family.  We did some sewing projects, visited lots of neighbors’ gardens to get some produce, and made lots of homemade goodies.  All in all it was a really fun time and a nice break from Vegas.

Dear Big Brother Mikey,


I just wanted to let you know that while you’re away at Grandma’s house I am holding my own back here at the house.  I’ve been playing with your Power Wheels Jeep in the garage and I even rode your bike a little bit.  I think Daddy will be able to realign the handle bars, but don’t worry, I didn’t get a scratch on it, anywhere!  I promise!

The Geo Trax are all doing well too!  I’ve watched you plenty of times load up the passengers and cargo and then move the handle on the remotes to make the trains move, so I gave it a try and did really well!  They are so much fun.  And I even put them back when I was done playing… well, most of them.

The puzzles I’m not too good with, yet!  I got a bit frustrated and just threw the pieces in a pile with all the Cox box of blocks that are all over the family room.  When you get home you can clean those up!

And I was having a difficult morning, so Mommy let me use your sippy bowl!  I love that thing!  I ate some cereal and then I even was able to sip up some cereal milk from the bowl.  I think I’ll want this bowl every morning now.  And I really wanted to use your place mat at lunch time too!  Did I mention we ate your favorite, mac n cheese, for lunch today?  You’re really missing out big brother. 

I wasn’t really in the mood for a nap, so guess what?  Mommy let me stay up.  That never happens when you’re here!

This evening we’re ordering pizza!  I’m so excited!  And Uncle Brian and Heather are coming over and we’re going to paint in Mommy’s room.  Maybe Unkee Brian will let me fly your kite tonight as well!  I think I can keep the kite strings untangled and off of the neighbor’s roof!?

So I am having a really great time with just Mommy and she’s paying a whole lot more attention to me with out you around, but I miss you Big Brother.  I hope you’re having fun at Grandma’s, but next time can you take me too?  I think Mommy deserves a much needed break from all her boys, even if it’s only for a weekend.  I am sleeping through the night, so I think Grandma would be okay if I came up too!  I kind of miss having you around to play with and chase and make funny sounds with.  Mommy just doesn’t do it right! 

Well give all my cousins slobbery kisses and tell them I will be up soon,

Little Brother Joshy

In Our Lovely Deseret

So for Labor Day we took our first vacation for the year as a family (somewhere other than St. George to visit the in-laws).  We went to see my parents for a change and we had such a relaxing time.  We, for only a split second, were contemplating leaving the city life and trading it in for real country small town living.  I think we came back to our senses rather quickly though!  Mike drove back home Labor Day while I stayed at my parents for a week to enjoy the simple country life.  Here’s a little run down of our events:

Friday- arrive at Grandma and Grandpa’s house at like around midnight… The funny thing is that we left Vegas about 8 hours earlier and it’s only a 5 hour ride!?!

Saturday- we went to the mountains in Upper Huntington Canyon for a day trip.  We had Green River watermelon, took Mikey on a nature walk, played in the dirt and, get this- I started reading Twilight.  I don’t know if I should be ashamed or embrace that I finally gave in to peer pressure to read the book.  Mikey, Mike, and my dad were on the boat for Mikey’s first boat ride and chance to fish, so I stayed on shore and read a book while Josh slept the whole time in his carrier.  We had no sense of time or commitments or the hot scorching sun!!! I was so engrossed in reading my vampire love novel that I didn’t even feel the sun penetrating my pale cold skin. When I got home I sure could feel the burning hot sensation on my arms and legs- a sunburn!!  I haven’t had a sunburn like this since I was a kid!!  I guess there’s no pollution in the mountains to block the sun’s rays, because I got burned bad!! I’m still peeling like 3 weeks after the fact!!

Sunday- Go to “Ammah’s church” and go to nursery!!  Mikey has come a long way since starting nursery nearly a year ago.  He’s happy to go to any nursery class now!  We had fish for dinner and since we appropriately called it “fish nuggets” it was eaten in its entirety by Mikey.  We couldn’t believe he ate the whole thing!!

Monday- Just watch Cars on DVD like a million times and debate whether to go to Provo or not.  We chose not to.  Mike traveled back to see him parents and got a haircut while there. 

Tuesday- Go to Provo for shopping and fruit.  Nothing beats fresh fruit from the fruit stands on the side of the road.  Note to self- VEGAS of all places has peaches really cheap and really big!  Perfecto for canning.

Wednesday- Do some shopping, visit some relatives, go check out the Harvest Village.  Mikey experienced his first pony ride.  We ate some awesome sandwiches on homemade bread and shopped, shopped, shopped.  Utah has the best home decor stores!  We drove back home to Grandma’s house and took pictures of their alternative energy.  It was ironic that the mills were hardly turning though.

Thursday- Rested and recouperated at Grandma’s house.  Ferron was having Peach Days, their Founders Day pretty much, and offered a free dessert bar and talent show in the evening so of course we had to check out the local talent.  Grandma appropriately made peach cobbler and received a participant ribbon and a crisp $2 bill.  Mikey almost sang the ABCs for the talent show, but was too busy spinning and making himself dizzy when they were doing the last calls for participants.

Friday- Canned peaches all day and hit up the free city dinner at the park to continue the celebration of Peach Days.

Saturday- We went to the Ferron City parade!!  Mikey experienced his first small town parade- complete with salt water taffy, lots of politicians in shiny cars, horses, 1 marching band, and a few princesses and queens waving their pageant wave.  It didn’t take him long to figure out what to do- run into the street to pick up the candy that was thrown from the floats.  It was so much fun.  We don’t have that kind of fun in Vegas, that’s for sure!!  And we had to check out the quilts and oversized veggies at the Ferron City Fair.  Grandma entered her hand sewn quilt, but she missed the deadline so it was only for show, not to be judged.  Maybe next year the big blue prize ribbon can be yours Grandma!

Sunday- Go to church and nursery.  And lucky for me, the RS teacher was a presidency member and gave me all her notes from her awesome talk.  When I was a classroom teacher, the motto of a teacher was to “beg, borrow, and steal” and that’s just what I did!  So, 2 more months and it’s my turn to teach again in RS and I already have my talk!!

Monday- Take our time coming back to Vegas to see Daddy and adjust to the hot blistering sun that only Vegas can offer.  Grandma drove us back and stayed for a few days in Vegas before going back home.  That was so much fun to take a break from the hustle and bustle of not only city life, but church callings, homework, housework, and all the other great stuff that I completely left behind.  That little slow paced country lifestyle was just what I needed!!  It was of course wonderful for Grandma and Grandpa to see their grandbabies too!  Hopefully we’ll be able to get away for Thanksgiving and go see some family in California.

I’ve Been Tagged!

Four random things I like about my husband:
1. He laughs at me and makes me laugh.
2. He gets Mikey out of the tub, lotioned up, into pjs, reads scriptures, and puts Mikey to bed every night!
3. He is pretty passionate about food storage right now so we both enjoy grocery shopping =o)
4. He has such a strong testimony, vast knowledge of everything related to the gospel, and genuine love for others that I really learn things from him.  I learn church trivia type stuff, but more importantly I learn from his example and wise words about not being so critical of others, how I can best help others, and he teaches me a lesson or two quite often using his good ole’ parables =o)

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Courtesy Clerk at Smith’s (loved my farmer’s tan from pushing carts in the Vegas heat!)
2. Reading Tutor (while in college I read with elem. school students and got paid!!)
3. Math Tutor (I was a tutor in the math lab in college and helped those dear students understand math…. To this day I am still surprised I did this… I never thought I was good at math!!)
4. 3rd Grade Teacher- (do we see a pattern yet?)

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. Shrek 2
2. Dora’s Pirate Adventures
3. Living Scriptures DVD
4. Elmo in Grouchland (can you guess who knows how to work the DVD player, tv, and remote?)

Four TV shows I watch:
1. anything on HGTV
2. Scrapbook Memories
3. Ashley Paige- Bikini or Bust (I’ve only watched it once and I’m hooked!)
4. Big Love- well actually I don’t watch it any more, but I really miss it and kind of want to watch it again

Four places I have been:
1. Mexico
2. Montana
3. South Padre Island
4. Ferron, UT

Four people who e-mail me regularly:
1. hubby
2. mom
3. RS President
4. The Coupon Mom to tell me of great deals each week at Smith’s

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Pasta noodles
2. Twizzlers licorice
3. Desserts- chocolate anything, cheesecake, ice cream, etc.
4. Hubby’s chicken parmasean

Four places I would like to visit:
1. NY and maybe meet Stacy and Clinton with a big fat check to go shopping =0)
2.  Some nice little island where they pamper you and make you feel like royalty
3. Denmark
4. Africa and go on a safari

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1.  my kids being able to play with each other
2. My hubby being that much closer to finishing his degree
3. Going to visit my parents in September and get a ton (literally) of melons from Green River
4. Maybe going on a little family vacation

Four People I tag:
1. Jodi
2. Emily
3. Mona-Kay
4. Denise