Halloween 2009

This year we took a road trip to California for Halloween.  Mike’s work needed him to work on a server in LA at their corp office so we made it a family vacation that we just might turn into a yearly tradition.

Mike’s driving record hasn’t been too hot this year and his company offered to fix the dinks and dents in his truck at their autobody shop while he was in LA.  We got a crossover for a rental that we are still driving and we love it!  I don’t think we’re missing the truck too much, really.

I have an aunt in California who lives really close to the amusement parks so we stayed with her.  We were only 10 minutes from Knottsberry Farm and decided the day of Halloween to go there for the day.  Loved it! 

Knottsberry Farm has a kid friendly part of the park called Camp Snoopy which was changed to Camp Spooky for the Halloween season.  We received candy bags and were given maps to track down the candy treasure locations throughout Camp Spooky.  Mikey loved the kid sized rides and recieving candy throughout the park.  He rode an airplane, Snoopy’s skateboard, mini semi trucks with real horns to honk, the Snoopy and the Gang school bus, played with bubbles in the fun house, cried during his first roller coaster ride, rode the real train around the entire place and saw train robbers, rode the kiddie trains I think 10 times with Josh, but claimed that the jump house was his favorite.  We also saw the characters in a little musical skit.

 The best part, besides great weather, Josh falling asleep in the stroller, and a delicious Mexican lunch, was that the place was hardly busy.  Enough people to make it look busy, but still few enough that there was no waiting in lines.  So nice! 

When we left at closing we were lucky enough to find Snoopy by the entrance who Mikey recognized and ran to so he could give Snoopy a big hug.  Mikey said he knew it was Snoopy because he looks just like our Snoopy cookie jar we have at home.  We also lucked out and found Tshirts from the gift shop on sale 2 for $5.  I guess even amusement parks have screaming deals if you’re willing to look.

The whole park was decorated for Halloween and at 7pm every night the theme park is transformed into a spooky haunted theme park for the bigger teenage kids.  As we were leaving, the line to enter at 7pm was wrapped around the corners and cars were lined up down the street trying to turn in to park.  It was crazy rediculous!

The boys actually fell asleep on the short drive home so they completely missed trick or treating.  The night before we got them dressed up to attend a ward’s Truck or Treat only to arrive as it was way done and over with.  We took the boys in costumes to McDonald’s and got ice cream cones and the only pictures of them in their costumes.  Mikey insisted on being a missionary like his cousin Ammon right now and Joshy was Winnie the Pooh dressed as a honeybee since Josh really doesn’t have much say in the matter right now!

Mikey’s Taylor Swift/ Word Girl Connection

Word Up it's Word Girl

Word Up it's Word Girl

I think this is a cute little text to world connection.  We were driving around today in the truck and the ever-so-catchy Taylor Swift “You Belong to Me” song was playing. 

Mikey:  I like this song.  It says that word that they say on Word Girl all the time.

Me : What word is that?

Mikey: something I couldn’t figure out that sounds like: butchert

Me: Blood shirt?

Mikey: No, butchert

Later at home Mikey tells me it’s not a word they say, but a person.  So we go to the PBS kids website, search for Word Girl, scroll through the villians, and he identifies the butcher from the pictures shown. 

Mikey: on the song it goes when you wake up and find the butchert

Me: Let’s go listen to the song, because I’m still confused (goes and pulls up Taylor Swift lyrics website and listens to song with Mikey)

Here’s the real lyrics of the chorus:

But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts
She’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time

Apparently the part about “wake and find that what you’re looking for” sounds like “wake and a find the butcher” to little Mikey.   Thought it was pretty funny and I’ll probably sing along in the truck to Taylor Swift while thinking about Word Girl from now on.  Oh that song is so catchy.  Sorry if you now have Taylor Swift stuck in your head.

The Ants go Marching One by One

What luck!  I parked in the last stall in the church parking lot which was right next to some rocks and shrubbery landscaping.  Well after church I felt a pinch on the top of my foot as I was standing by the truck unloading some food storage to people and looked down to see a red ant.  It burned a bit, but I flicked him off and thought nothing more of the situation.  WELL!  As I was driving home my stomach felt all itchy and sure enough, I checked my tummy and found 3 big red bumps and a little red ant biting away at me!  To make matters worse, I locked myself out of the house and Mike was in St. George for the weekend.   So itchies all over and no way inside to shower!

I did go to my s-i-l’s house across town and oinked on her leftovers and the boys took wonderful naps over there, so the day wasn’t completely awful.

Today I still feel like there are ants crawling and nipping me.  Crazy huh?