Summer Swim Time

We live by a really cool site in our new residence.  It looks just like a beach and has a shallow lake with beach chairs, life guards, and cabanas.  Every Tuesday this summer we would invite some friends over and head to the Lagoon for a few hours of swimming and then a picnic lunch. 

 Hannah did really well to just sleep in her carrier for the majority of our trips. Oh those were the days =o)

 Mikey was so eager to head out to the deeper part (3 feet) that on one occasion he forgot to put on his life jacket and floaties and started bobbing up and down yelling for help!  Aunt Michelle (who was not planning on getting wet) quickly ran out to him and pulled him back to shore.  The lifeguards then took notice that something was wrong!   The next week Michelle had purchased Mikey a bright yellow Sponge Bob swimsuit that had built in floaties.  That suit is awesome!  He could go out to the deep end and stay head afloat with no help from me.   He also liked riding the paddle boats with Aunt Michelle and waving at us from the other side of the bridge.

Joshy was easy to keep track of.  He was the only kid NOT in the water.  He’d sit on the edge of the water and play with buckets and sand the whole time.  He hated having a life jacket on or the arm floaties.  About 2 trips before the Lagoon closed for the summer he finally gave swimming a try and loved it.  We got a little floaty boat thing that he could sit in and that’s what he really liked.  So he only got in the water 2 different times, but tanned like he was swimming everyday the entire summer!  He still has tan lines! Not sure how he got so lucky. 

We’ll see how many times we’ll go next summer, since I’m sure 3 kiddos will want to swim at the same time and I’ll for sure loose track of them, but I’ll attempt just about anything once!

Row Row Row Your Boat….

We’ve had a boat shaped little pool/ sandbox toy forever in the backyard and we finally used it this summer.  Mikey was so excited he stripped off his clothes including his swim shorts and got down to a diaper.  The crazy thing is that the water was cold and he didn’t seem to mind a bit.  He wanted someone to play in there with him so bad, but I’m a wimp and the water was too cold for even me!  He didn’t stay outside too long, but we at least got some cute pictures of our little water boy!  Look out Michael Phelps, Mikey is swimming your way in a few years!  Isn’t it crazy how white my kid is… and how fishlike Michael Phelps is?

Chuck E. Cheese Please!!

Wow I haven’t unloaded pictures from my camera in quite a while! Patty’s neices were in town not too long ago and I asked Patty if they liked Chuck E. Cheese. They’re not little kiddos like my 2, but Chuck E. Cheese certainly appeals to kids of all ages, because the girls love Chuck E. Cheese! We had a cup bursting full of tokens from our Aunt Michelle that I was tired of looking at in my kitchen so we all went one day for lunch, shared the tokens, and had a really fun time! We still have tokens left over that we’re saving for a successful potty training day (not happening ANY time soon!!!) And I hear they give you free tokens when you go in at 10 am when they first open!!

It was Mikey’s first experience at Chuck E. Cheese and it was quite memorable! He’s a bit short for most of the traditional games, but he tried his hardest to shoot the basketballs, roll the balls down the chute, bonk the moles with the mallet, and all those classics! He really liked the big ride on toys and got to sit next to Barney, Bob the Builder, and Chuck E. Cheese himself!! He sort of mastered pulling out the tickets and I was not surprised at all when we took them to the prize booth to trade in for prizes- a sucker, stickers, and a stupid little lizard toy that sticks to the walls!! Here’s some pictures of our exciting little adventure which was followed by a very long nap in the car on the way home =o) We love Chuck E. Cheese!!

I’ve Got Sunshine

So Mikey got invited to his first birthday party, for 4 kids actually, and we had quite a cute little time.  Little kids love parks, so what better spot than the community park- complete with grassy area, 2 playgrounds, tables, and covered area.  We had some yummy food and the Elmo cake was quite an accomplishment.  Would you believe we got a little sunburned??  It’s February and we got sun!!  We are totally red on our arms and face.  I guess it’s time to seriously bust out the sunscreen and lather on the thick goopy stuff. 

I always liked Banana Boat’s coconut scented sunscreen, but I haven’t bought that stuff in a long time!  So out with the sunscreen and away with the winter clothes!!  My kiddo has so many winter clothes so that will be nice to make room for more summer clothes.  Horray for nice weather.  Only a matter of time before a real Vegas summer hits us.