50 Nifty United States

So Mikey has become quite the little geography whiz since getting his big USA floor puzzle.  We’re potty training  and after a successful #2 he looked in the toilet and exclaimed: “Wow! My poop looks like Hawaii!”  I dread the day when Alaska or Texas comes, because Hawaii took at least 20 minutes!!

Mikey passed an elementary school in St. George and said, “When I turn 5 I can go to that school.”

Daddy: That school is in Utah and you have to live in Utah to attend their schools. 

Mikey: We should move.

Mike: Where should we move?

Mikey: (after thinking about it a while) KANSAS!

Sorry west coast.  My 3 year old isn’t too excited for your school system!

Look, There’s Utah!

The sun was shining in the house and made a shape on the floor in front of the stairs.  Mikey came to us and said, “Look, there’s Utah!”  and then proceeded to jump over it while exclaiming, “I’m jumping over Utah. I’m jumping over Utah!”

He was totally baffled that his Utah sunlight shape disappeared and resembled something closer to Colorado or Wyoming after an hour since the sun had moved.