Crazy 8 Tag

tagged ….by candice expecting

8 shows i like to watch:
1. word world
2. super why
3. pillsbury bake off
4. beauty and the geek
5. big love
6. veronica mars
7. the wonder years
8. boston legal

8 restaurants i like to eat at:
1. sweet tomatoes
2. arby’s
3. macayo’s
4. subway
5. golden corral
6. olive garden
7. ho ho ho’s
8. pizza hut

8 things that happened today:
1. got out of bed for a crying baby
2. wondered how I would make oatmeal if the microwave didn’t work
3. added to the overflowing pile of dishes in the sink
4. opened a package for me
5. gave in and let my kiddo put in a dvd so I could get stuff done
6. called hubby at work to chat
7. emailed some ideas to a friend for our emergency preparedness faire planned for February
8. clipped and organized some coupons

8 things i am looking forward to:
1. november 5th- the election will be over!!
2. getting a group order together for food storage from a store in St. George
3. hubby finally graduating from college and not being as busy
4. Josh sitting up and starting to crawl
5. a full night of uninterupted sleep- really deep sleep
6. Disneyland over Thanksgiving hopefully
7. having a potty trained kiddo
8. winning a full year of free groceries at (insert ANY store name here) so I can really get a year’s supply of food storage up and going. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

8 things on my wish list:
1. a one story house complete with solar panels, ginormous pantry, and efficient water system for when disaster strikes
2. finding a store offering free groceries in 2009
3. screaming, “I’m debt free!” on Dave Ramsey’s radio show
4. personal chef
5. a 2 hour massage
6. new cell phone that can hold tight to its pieces and parts when it gets dropped
7. organzing my whole house, complete with labels, clear totes, space bags, and a full team of organizers
8. food storage

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