Albertson’s I’ve Missed You!

I haven’t been in Alby’s in a while since their sales haven’t been too hot.  I went tonight to take advantage of their really good sale that ends at midnight (thank you list makers for posting the following week’s ads so I can preview and see if the sale is running for another week or not!)

Great sale got me 14 pasta sauces, 1 Pam cooking spray, 1 Ready Whip, 6 Chef Boyardee products, 6 Banquet sausages, 14 tub margarines, 3 cube margarines,  and some other stuff.  I did 3 transactions and hardly used any coupons.  This was a sale where if you purchase $25 in certain products (before coupons) then a catalina (coupon that prints out and looks similar to a receipt) will print out that is good for $10 off your next purchase.  Well I used that $10 coupon to help buy an additional $25 of groceries and out popped another catalina.  I then used that new $10 off catalina coupon to buy all my regular items: milk, bananas, cheese, bread, baby food.

Next week I’m shopping at Smith’s in case you want a heads up of the really good deals.  Buy 10 participating items and get an instant $3 off AND a catalina (remember, the coupon that prints out and looks similar to a receipt) for $3 off your next purchase. 

Getting food storage is so much fun!

Free Ice Cream!

On Thurs., Sept. 25th from 5pm-8pm guests of Coldstone Creamery will be treated to a FREE 3oz ice cream to help promote the Make a Wish Foundation!  Click the Cold Stone link to find out more info.

And check out my “bargain bin” links on my ever growing blog roll on the right (under the archives) for some neat sites that tell about great shopping finds and coupon crazy deals!  I love this type of stuff so I’ll be searching and adding more as I find them.  Let me know if you’ve found some sites worthy of bargain bin status so I can share the deals (that someone else worked so hard to find and post and share so we don’t have to!)