Mikey Says:

Mikey: If I don’t clean up my toys before you vacuum will Heavenly Father come and take them away?

Me: (thinking long and hard) No. But Daddy might!


Mikey (while in the bathtub): the black stuff isn’t scrubbing off my feet.

Me: Here’s some soap for your wash rag so you can scrub your feet.

Mikey: It’s not working.  I think your black hair is just stuck in my feets and it won’t come off until tomorrow.

Me: I don’t have black hair. I have brown hair.

Mikey: No, the top of your hair looks black to me and then it gets brown.


Mikey: Look at me, mom!

Me: Stop jumping off the couch please.  That’s a bad choice.

Mikey: Why?

Me: Because I said so and Joshy will try to do it and get hurt.

Mikey: Oh, I will never ever make bad choices again.  And I will never stop eating lasagna either!

{later that day}

Me: Stop please.  That’s a naughty choice.

Mikey: But sometimes I want to make good choices and sometimes I want to make naughty choices in the day.  I just want to do what I want, OKAY!  Is that okay?

lucky for me I can keep my cool through these episodes!

More Funny Mikeyisms

Mikey: Everyone should come to my Beach Ball Cup. December 11th, 2009.                                                                                                                                          Me: What’s that?  A competition or something?

Mikey: Yeah mom!  That’s what I said.  A Beach Ball Cup!  I hope they all come to my Beach Ball Cup.


Mikey: Is the bug guy coming today?

Me: No!

Mikey: Oh thanks mom!  Thanks for telling me I don’t have to pick up my toys.

Me: I didn’t say that.

Mikey: When is the bug guy coming?

Me: Probably in August.

Mikey: Okay, I will clean up my toys in August!


Me: What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Mikey: Peanut ubber jelly sanich and macaroni cheese.

Me: What’s the next favorite thing you like to eat?

Mikey: Just peanut ubber jelly sanich and macaroni cheese MOM!


Mikey: Knock Knock

Me: Who’s There?

Mikey: Helpful Cow

Me: Helpful Cow who?

Mikey: Bouncy Ball

Me: ????

Josh Turns 13 AND 14 Months Old

I kind of missed posting about Josh at 13 months so we’ll just combine the 2!

I love babies at this stage.  Sure makes going through the newborn stage hard, but at least the fun stages are not too far off.  Josh has developed by leaps and bounds in the past 2 months!  He is so much fun and keeps us following at a close distance behind him.

– He signs food, milk, and more

– Can pull himself up to standing position and scale along the couch

-Climbs the stairs every night to go take a bath

– Turns onto his stomach to get off of beds, go down stairs, and slide off couches

– Has only worn shoes twice.  He prefers to be barefoot and isn’t afraid to climb over rocks to get to where he wants to be

-Moos like a cow when  prompted

-Covers his eyes to play peek a boo

– Blows kisses and gives slobery kisses to you before going to bed

-Takes a nap at 10am and 4pm on the dot.  (Such a nice good baby for still taking 2 naps!)

– Prefers touching cats rather than dogs

– Tries to tickle Mikey and enjoys climbing all over him

– Can spot a dessert or soda from a table away and has quite a sweet tooth.  Has taken a liking to Grandma’s homemade rootbeer and can drink it from a cup with some help. (Serves me right for eating sweets my entire pregnancy with him!)

-Stays with Daddy during 2nd and 3rd hour for church, but in a few months he’ll be able to attend nursery with Mom.

– Crawls regular and gets to where he’s going fast!

-Weighs about 18lbs

– Has tried eating rocks on numerous occassions in the backyard.

– Waves bye-bye to anyone and everyone

– Climbs in the dishwasher to help often

– Opens the bathroom drawers to play with Qtips and cotton balls

-Pulls all my shoes off their rack every morning in the closet

-Still prefers Mommy over Daddy, but is becoming more of a Daddy fan every day.

-Loves to play with balloons, pinwheels, and anything with small holes for his fingers.

-Stands and pushes the play shopping cart across the family room and soon I’m sure we’ll be recording his first steps!