Mikey’s Oatmeal Coupon

Mikey just brought me a creation made with legos.  What a happy moment- he told me it was a spinning coupon machine and that I should pull the $1 off coupon from it.  “It’s a $1.00 off oatmeal coupon to use to help Daddy’s shingles go away!” he proudly exclaimed.

“And here comes a $1.00 off yogurt coupon.  And here’s an automatic tickle machine coupon coming too!”

What a proud mom I am.  My kiddo pretends to shop with coupons and won’t buy if it’s expensive or he doesn’t have a coupon.  And when his imagination and legos combine he creates me my own coupon generator for products I like.  Sounds like a keeper to me, the kiddo and the coupon machine =o)