I Dreamed a Dream

And lately these pregnancy dreams have been quite disturbing!

2 nights ago I had a dream that the docs went in to get the baby (c-section) and couldn’t find her!  They were seriously baffled and then came to the conclusion that I passed her a few months ago through my urine.  So then I had to send a txt msg to everyone including the hopeful grandmas that there was no cute baby girl and that she was dead.  I then had to deal with a recovery with no kid to show for it!  I was baffled!

It wouldn’t have been so bad except that we were babysitting a friend’s daughter overnight while they went in the have their baby #3.  Needlesss to say that Tuesday I was way uneasy and extremely anxious to hear the news if their baby came safe.  I also was more aware of little movements in my stomach just to make sure she was for sure still in there.  This pregnancy has been a piece of cake (well, except for the swollen feet that have come on this week) and she really doesn’t kick or nudge very hard to make things uncomfortable!

Last night I had a dream that she kicked me so hard that her foot protruded out so far that it looked like a baseball bat was coming out from the side of my stomach!  Quite a difference from the previous night, but still weird.

Not sure what they mean, but it’s an interesting change from the usual pregnancy dreams that leave you thinking.  Some of my dreams seriously took me back to high school with the same friends and all the teenage drama and teachers and homework…  they were so real and vivid that I’d wake up and be a bit surprised to find myself 10 years later in a completely different setting.  Kind of funny though.

So here’s to 2 1/2 more months of dreams and swollen feet and hopefully a really big baby to show for it.  I’m surprisingly getting really excited.  I haven’t bought hardly anything and probably won’t go shopping until the week before, but hey, it’s kid 3- she has a carseat, a place to sleep, grandma has made her some blankets, and I’ve been stocking up on diapers for a while!  I think we’re good to go!