Tips from the Toilet

So we’ve been potty training on and off again since like, oh, age 18 months.  Well we stumbled upon something today that just might help someone else out there who’s struggling as much as I have!  Make a stop at the casino!  Why?  There’s nothing cooler to a kid than an automatic flushing toilet and automatic sink with an automatic hand soap dispenser right next to it!  We had to call daddy as soon as our hands were dry and ask if we could get an toilet that flushes all by itself for our house!  I think this was a turning point in our toilet training adventures.

Holy Crap!

Toilet Buddies

Mikey just went pee pee in the potty! Mike’s been setting him on there for a while now every night before his bath. Well Mikey says he’s going, but we all get bored and so straight into the tub he goes- only to pee in there as soon as the water turns on!! May this be the beginning of a new found interest and may we have a clean successful attempt each and every day. Yeah right, who am I fooling!! I am so dreading this whole potty training thing, more because of the cleaning up accidents and stuff like that. I’ve read your blogs- I’m not doing a potty dance this soon. This was just by chance I am afraid. Any tips for potty training? We bought one of those little potty seats that fits on the regular toilet seat (I am never ever ever cleaning out one of those little fake toilets that sits next to the real toilet. That is soooooo gross I just couldn’t do it!) only to find out that we have long oval toilet seats and the little round potty seat has quite a weird fit when it’s sitting on the real toilet seat. It works, but I forsee many “misses” because of the gaps. Wish us luck with the start of something wonderful. A rite of passage maybe.