Cell Phone Unloaded

I do not have a smart phone nor do I want one!  That’s fine for a few more months I think.  I take a pic with my cell phone, send a pic msg to my hubby who, then with the click of a button, can email me the pic.  For some reason the cord to connect my phone to the computer connects, but doesn’t pull anything off my cell phone.

I personally like my method of retrieving cell phone pics, but I think he’s getting a bit tired of it.  It would be nice to blog from to my phone, but I’m not ready to read emails, read blogs and facebook updates and surf the net any time I want.  I just don’t want to be that connected to my phone.  I might as well have it attached at the hip as another limb or something.

Well, here’s a bunch of pics that were taken with my camera over the longest time that are finally making it to the blog.  Oh, I can’t take pics with my phone anymore, because the memory is all used up and I need to delete pictures.  Nothing like motivation to get me into action!

If They Could See Me Now…

Okay, for all the people who have known me nearly as long as I have (known myself) then you know I have had long hair FOREVER!!!  Let’s just say I’m not very daring when it comes to changing my hair.  A few layers and highlights, but nothing drastic!

Well, I was in St. George and my favorite sis-in-law suggested we go get haircuts.  I more than willingly agreed.  Well we’re not fans of shelling out a ton of dinero for a haircut so we tried a new hair college.  Hey, those gals got to learn somehow.

 So after a very nice deep conditioning treatment it was back to the chopping chair.  Dallis, the very energetic and excited student, put my hair in a pony tail at my shoulders and cut it off thinking we could donate it to Locks of Love.  I’m still not sure if it’s long enough to send in, so I need to go look into that. 

Well the haircut that was supposed to be one length right above my shoulders ended up being a little more difficult and unfamiliar territory for Dallis.  The mentor teacher gave her some suggestions and chop chop chop, off came a few more inches!!  The teacher ended up fixing the back and here’s what I look like now!!

New Hair 

I only had my cell phone camera, not the best quality, but you get the gist of the cut.  I really do like it and for being 9 months pregnant I am so surprised I wasn’t crying.  My new haircut really has changed the shape of my face I think.  I keep finding these long strands coming to the front and I don’t know what to do with them, so I cut like an inch off to make it the same length as the hairs on the side.  I’ve found like 3 of these long strands?!?  Oh well!  I figure after baby #2 comes, my hair will be so whacked out and screwed up royally that it really won’t matter what cute new do I have.

 So here’s to change!!  Thanks Aurie and Heather for posting about your hair to get me thinking about change.  And thanks my fave sis-in-law for just telling me to do it.  I think she was surprised at how easily I gave in =o)  I wonder what will be next??  But first, we’ve got to get kiddo #2 here and then we can get back to the “work in progress” project.  Can you believe I have a 10 year reunion coming up next year???  Aughhh!