It’s Been 11 Months Since I had This Kid

We have a birthday coming up next month!  I can’t believe little Joshua is getting so old, well in baby months he’s an oldie!

We’re trying to keep up with our little guy.  Here’s what he’s doing:

Army crawling/ crippled man crawling his way to everything.  He lays on his stomach, keeps 1 leg straight and pushes his body around with the other leg and pulls himself along with his arms.  My friend said he looks like he’s crippled.  Pretty good definition of how he gets around.

Loves the kitchen floor because he can just slide/glide along on his stomach.  And the good food is under the bench where Mikey sits- we’re talking mac n cheese, noodles, cereal, yogurt drips.  Josh has mastered his route from the toys to the kitchen floor after meals.

Raises his arms above his head.

Waves hi and bye.  Or at least we think he knows how to do that!

Tried Cheerios for the first time and didn’t quite get the concept to chew and swallow.  He would gum them up and pop them out of his mouth.  Mikey had a blast pouring the cereal box onto Josh’s high chair tray and then preceded to eat the majority of the Cheerios.

His favorite toy is Mikey’s pinwheel.  He also enjoys his little play piano.  Mikey’s Ernie and Baby Bear are also some favorites.  Josh pulls them close and rubs his face in them like he’s trying to snuggle with them. He smiles every time he gets his hands on them.

Will play the I drop and you pick up game as long as you can stand it.

Tries feeding himself with a spoon.

When you ask if he’s tired he will lay his head down on your shoulder and tuck his hands under himself like he’s curling up to go to sleep.  We then sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before putting him in the crib.

Likes to have ABC letters on his head during bath time.  It’s the boys’ new game with Daddy during bath time.

Wakes up 2 times during the night.  I should just bite the bullet and let him cry it out, huh? 

Starting to crawl over things.  The food storage bucket lids were his first attempt at getting over something.  Now he crawls over legs and Mikey’s tummy to get to the other side.

Likes cell phones and has dropped mine 1 too many times.  I’m due for a new one very soon!

Has made his way into the bathroom to play.  We now keep the doors shut!

Crawls over to doors and gets such a thrill out of closing them and then pulling them from underneath to open them.

Happy happy happy and doesn’t get separation anxiety unless Daddy is holding him and Mommy is standing close by.  He’s a Mommy’s boy for sure!

Sits in the shopping cart and puts his legs up and over the handle bar every time.  We get quite a few comments about this relaxed little kid.

Likes to put balls in holes and put his fingers in small spaces to explore.  And he has mastered the game of demolishing the towns, tracks, towers, that Mikey has built.

Loves to sit across from other babies and touch them and share their toys.

Sticks his tongue out a lot!