A Photo Tag

This is pretty cool! This is how you do it. Grab your camera and take these ten pictures: fridge, kitchen sink, laundry room, favorite room, favorite shoes, closet, toilet, what your kids are doing right now, self portrait, dream vacation. No cleaning, wiping, sweeping, or swishing allowed. Enjoy the pictures =o)

Fridge -leftovers on top, lunch grub and butter and spreads next, tortillas and cheese under that, large stuff on bottom. There is totally a method to the madness. Everything and I mean everything has a place!!

Open Sesame

Kitchen sink- Had a crowd a week ago and the big pots n pans are still here!! They’re rinsed out though so no stink going on!

Everything in the Kitchen Sink

Laundry room- I love this room too! It’s only missing a wash basin big sink, but I get along just fine!! My cool sign reads: LAUNDRY- drop your drawers here!

Hanging Laundry

Favorite shoes- my hubby’s sandals, because they have the right amount of cushioning for my feet =o) I seriously wear these while making food in the kitchen.

Toes, Where Are You?

Closet- It still has new house smell when you open it since we have hardly opened it in the year and a half we’ve lived here. We just stash stuff in here and luckily it doesn’t fall out, yet!

Games and More!

Toilet- Hubby gave me these cute xoxo towels for our first Valentine’s and I am so happy to have a place to put them. I love x’s and o’s. And it’s a good reminder that I should love him always… especially when I am 2nd to use the toilet in the morning…..

The Thrown

Kids- Just being kids!! Mikey is wearing is sticker badge he got from WalMart and picking out the next Dora movie he wants to watch. And here’s Joshy eating for the first time!

Officer MikeyTrying Rice Cereal

Self portrait- Well, hubby took the picture, but I’m in there!

Mommy and Her Boys

Dream Vacation- Somewhere nice and cozy where I can sleep through the night!!! Mountains, island, spa retreat… I don’t care I just really want a full night’s sleep!! I wish I had a picture of me catching some zzzz’s, but we’re still working on that!!

I tag all who want to take pictures of more than their kiddos!!

Boys Will Be Boys

So I have finally made some time to take some pictures. I guess it’s more like I finally have some clothes for Joshy that fit him decent (thanks for the cute onsies Grandma) and I have actually gotten him dressed in them.

He’s been sporting those long sleeved snap shirts with the built in mittens for days now that you get free from the hospital. So today Josh got dressed in real clothes and I got Mikey all dressed up in his sports themed outfit as well.


So here’s to tee ball games, Saturday soccer practice, and all the great adventures that my boys have to offer in the near future. Until then, we’ll just pose on daddy’s recliner with our real toy props and pretend we’re at the picture studio having our professional photos taken- minus the price. Don’t get me wrong, I love Picture People and their signature white background, but sometimes home is the best place to get some super cute candids.