September Events

We went to my parents house after Labor Day to celebrate their town’s Peach Days- a week long celebration with small town festivities.  The ironic thing is that the town doesn’t even have peach orchards any more.  Regardless, the boys had so much fun participating in all the events. 

Monday: Strut Your Mutt Pet Parade

Tuesday: Talent Show

Wednesday: we went to visit family in Provo

Thursday: I don’t remember. 

Friday: Dinner and variety show at Mayor’s Park

Saturday: Town Parade, lunch and festivities and City Park, Soap Box Derby,  Horse Races, and Demolition Derby.

We also had picnics in the mountains, towed my mom’s Explorer to safety since she nearly drove it over a ledge into a mudddy stream, got lots of rain, and visited with lots of neighbors and family.  We did some sewing projects, visited lots of neighbors’ gardens to get some produce, and made lots of homemade goodies.  All in all it was a really fun time and a nice break from Vegas.