Freezer Meal Group Swap #2

So it was swap day #2 today at Maggie’s house (took the pic from our cooking group blog).  My kiddos call her “food storage Maggie” since that’s what brought us together the first time!  Well getting all these meals makes me excited to keep on going with the group.  12 new and prepared meals each month!  I love it!

This past month I really wanted to attempt a pork loin roast with pears, but then I learned that you shouldn’t freeze meat, thaw it, then freeze it raw again so I didn’t want to break any freezer meal group rules.  I did cook up one of my 9 pound beasts in 2 crockpots and the raw meat, blood, smell, and everything related to it nearly killed me!  Yes, I puked many times in the kitchen sink, but the pork cooked up just fine and I turned it into the main stuff to make Cafe Rio burritos.  So now I have another 9 lbs of a long ole pork loin sitting patiently in the freezer waiting for its turn at freezer meal stardom.  So for sure I’ll do Cafe Rio burritos this coming month and my other meal will either be attempt #2 at a pork loin roast OR chicken chow mein (link fixed).

OAMC month 1

So I survived my first month of cooking, freezing, and exchanging meals and I’m going at it again!

My long lost friend and her hubby (restaurant owners of  Broadway Pizzeria) took me with them to their little known secret: Restaurant Depot– where the restaurant owners go!  Think Smart and Final, but bigger and better prices.  Ground beef- $1.50 something; salsa in a #10 can- $5 something; shredded cheese- $2.00 a lb, #10 can of pears- $4 something; boneless chicken breast pieces- 88c a lb;  boneless pork loin- $1 something a lb; noodles of all shapes and sizes (except large shells) $1 a lb.  I was in heaven and found 99% of everything I needed for my recipes.  If you have a small biz then I recommend getting a free membership to this place.  It’s free, did I mention that?  They’ve processed our paperwork so we just need to go down and get our cards and then I’m good to go shopping!

Next to do was the cooking.  Got it done at night and during nap times.  The hard part was that my meals weren’t going in to a casserole dish, but rather ziplock bags.  I had to flash freeze each lasagna roll and shell and then put the in a bag.  I was fortunate enough to do all the cooking and bagging a week before the due date, thank goodness!  We all got sick the following week so I’m glad I followed that prompting to cook and get it done early.

Rather than repost all the names and meals we exchanged I’ll just post the link.  You can see the recipes we do each month, get the directions to make and freeze them, and read the reviews as we each try each other’s meals.  So go on over to Late Night Cooking Mamas and look around! 

I’ve committed for 2 more months and then I gotta take some maternity leave to have and recoup from this girl kiddo who’s on the way (dang c-section recovery!).  I think after that I might try and do a group in my own ward.  I love the idea and even more love all the food in my freezer that’s ready to go once it’s thawed out.

My recipes for next month:

Ham and cheese braid and Pork tenderloin with pears