New Vocabulary Words

So I’m babysitting 2 days a week which is nice, because Mikey can have some friends and I can get things done while they entertain eachother.  Well today the 5 year old power ranger lover introduced some new vocabulary to Mikey.  My little 3 year old now throws around the words “battle” and “fight” which I’m not sure what I think about it.  It’s not so bad I guess when you put it in context of how they were playing and using their new vocabulary words- placing little Geo Trax people on the train track for the trains to come by and hit them and knock them off the track.  Basically they were playing ‘chicken’ with people and trains.  At least they weren’t duking it out with fists and noses on my couches or the train table, right?  We still haven’t played with toy guns of any kind, so I can be happy about that!