Going Private

Team Edward-Bella-Jacob


Ha ha not my blog just yet, just the NEW MOON premiere last night!  I’m talking 81 people in a private theatre all to ourselves with our potluck, soda and drinks and NO screaming little teenagers to ruin our fun.  

The process started months ago to get a large enough crowd to rent out a theatre at the Rave at Town Square, but since it’s New Moon we’re talking about, the group was actually split between 2 theatres since we were so big. 

The movie- loved it!  The company was fabulous and we weren’t even sardines in the theatre like I thought we would be.  I am slowly becoming more of a Team Jacob fan than Edward, wow! 

We had so much fun kicking out the non private party goers and just being in such great company.  We had soccer moms and UMC nurses with a mix of Mike’s hs friends and all my church gals there to celebrate and party with at 11pm and then the movie started right on time at midnight. 

Just a note that #3 is coming out next July so start planning now to get your group of gals together and come join our private party next year.  I think we’ll top 100 people next time which is very exciting to me.  Food storage and event planning- all part of my resume of fun times!