Good vs. Right

I just tripped upon a blog (yet again) that’s pretty neat.   I love this quote from “Mrs. Right’s Blog” that I think everyone in America should hear.  My hubby would be so proud of my blog find.

She wrote:

There are always “good” things to spend money on, if it is available. The problem occurs when money is just not available. It is very “good” for me to give money to a local charity, but if I have to then put groceries on a credit card to feed my family, I am being very foolish. It is very “good” for me to give my children piano or ballet lessons, but if I cannot pay my electric bill, I have made a foolish decision. The same should hold true for our tax dollars. It is very “good” to send aid to ailing countries, but if we are putting the aid the government “credit card”, then we are being very foolish.

Isn’t that well written?  I love it and it makes perfect sense to me.  How come everyone doesn’t understand this principle?  I also think everyone in America should watch the movie Akeelah and the Bee.  I love that movie and think there’s a powerful lesson to learn.  Hmm, what else I wish everyone in America would do???  Read Animal Farm, signal before changing lanes, stop littering, and get informed about the issues!  Whoah Nellie!  This is not going political.  I just wish people would look more into candidates and HOW these people plan to accomplish everything they promise.  That being said I have to go research the candidates who want to be my Mayor.  Hubby says it’s my turn to do the research since he overdid himself during the presidential election last year.  Oh, and anyone who votes straight party baffles me.  What’s the point in voting if you don’t even know a thing about the person except the party lines?   Those little letters next to the name don’t really tell you that much about the person.  So please, do a little online research people!  Do you want to come to a potluck and politics so we can help you come to a decision? Baby steps people.  Baby steps!