Joshy’s Growing Bigger

My brother is getting married Saturday so I’m slowly unloading the camera to the computer 1 month at a time.  Here’s some cute pictures of Josh.  He’s now 20 months old, a few days shy of 21 months and is quite the little demon child.  He’s either really happy or really upset, unfortunately it tends to be the latter of the 2 more often than not.  It reminds me of when he came out shrieking at the top of his lungs and I thought I had just given birth to the spawn of the devil.  I guess I should try and remember the happy times, but since they are few and far between I find it easier not to.  So here’s some happy pics of happy times. 

Josh wants to do anything and everything Mikey does.  They can play with Geo Trax for hours at a time.  Josh has even mastered hooking the trains together and building the tracks. 

He prefers to drink from a regular cup at meal time and snack time rather than a sippy- yay!

He signs “more” on Sundays when the YM are passing the sacrament and walking down the aisles.  One day when I’m not paying attention I know he’s going to wander off to see if one of them will give him some more bread.

Has a mouthful of teeth, but still a gap on the bottom row for 2 more to come in.

Shrieks at the top of his lungs if something isn’t meeting his expectations or if you took something he wanted.

Has taken a liking to sleeping in our bed.  Last night he cried for an hour in his crib, didn’t want a milk sippy or mommy and daddy hugs.  We put him down on the floor and he walked into our room, turned a laundry basket over to use as a stool, climbed up under the covers and decided to fall asleep on our bed.  Great!!

He loves to press buttons, turn knobs, and get his fingers on everything.  He really likes pressing the button to close the garage door, playing with cell phones, and turning off and on light switches.

Josh is a great helper.  Anything that Josh and Mikey both get Josh loves to have in his hands and then give it to Mikey.  Every night we give loaded toothbrushes to Josh and he then goes and gives one to Mikey.  Josh loves to retreive the laundry baskets and then helps to unload and load the washer and dryer.  He’s also learning how to unload the dishwasher.  I do love this stage where kids love to help with chores.

He insists on sitting on the potty every night before bathtime  and wiping and flushing.  No real action, but he’s excited to try.  Totally think he’ll be trained before Mikey was.  I can rejoice about that.

Loves to go bye-bye and crawls into his stroller if he thinks we should go for a walk.

Loves to play the piano just like his big brother, of course!

Has a fond affection for any stuffed animal, big or key-chain sized small.  He grabs them and kisses them and hugs them while turning side to side.  It’s quite funny to watch.

Gives you a look that can kill- you don’t mess with him when you get that look

Can audibly say: mummy, daddy, ball, cookie, milk,  juice.  He gets what he wants (usually), but has been referred for speech therapy.  Haven’t heard from them yet, but it will be nice when he can communicate with us so we know what he wants.  He’s very selective and random with his sign language too!  Such a unique little kid.

It’s Been 10 Months Since I Had This Kid

Well little Joshy is finally making the transition to being a mobile little guy.  He isn’t crawling, but he sure can scoot on his tummy and pull himself along the kitchen floor at a quick pace. Here’s what he’s been doing lately:

-Sits up for an extented time (you have to sit him up) and then falls back and rolls on his tummy to start “pull crawling”

– Has 2 bottom teeth and more on the way

– Wears size 3 diapers

– Has discovered pb+j sandwich crusts under the kitchen table and tries his best to eat them

-Crunched a Cheerio in half, but just drools out the pieces

– Loves to be in the middle of whatever Mikey is playing with, usually leaving Mikey begging me to pick Josh up and hold him away from all the toys

– Got a haircut at Grandma N’s and looks completely different.

– Wakes 2 times a night and it’s taking a toll on me!

– Likes to type on the laptop

– Grabs for glasses and cheeks, sometimes hair

– Enjoys rolling to the toy bins, pulling things out, and kicking at whatever he can get his feet on

-Went ice fishing and did really well to sleep the whole time

-Can click and unclick ink pens

-Plays with door stops

– Happy disposition and will let anyone hold him, unless he’s hungry and I’m close by =o)

It’s Been 9 Months Since I Had This Kid…

Lots of pictures taken, but the poor little guy has maybe 3 pictures actually hanging up in the house.  Oh the sad sad life of the 2nd child!  So we had our first experience with really sick kids.  Josh gave it to Mikey and between the 2 kiddos I think we’ve been experiencing sleepless nights (more than normal) for 3 weeks.  We are getting better.  Little Josh’s milestones:

-weighs 17 pounds and a few ounces (they don’t check the other stuff during a sick visit to the doc

– loves to jump when you hold him up on his feet

– still not pushing up, crawling, or sitting up without support (doc says he might be one of those who just goes straight to walking)

– wears size 3 or 4 (depending on brand) diapers

– says mama and yeah yeah

-started breathing treatments while sick

– has become attached to holding and biting real cell phones (let the fun begin)

– had 2 little bottom teeth pop through finally

-likes to eat and then have his diaper changed

-rolls all over the carpet and he’s pretty fast

-kicks the walls non stop

-slaps the kitchen floor with both hands while on his stomach

-love to put his hands all over Mikey and whatever Mikey is doing

It’s Been 4 Months Since I Had This Kid…

Time is flying and I am so happy! I think the newness of having a newborn has finally worn off and we are slowly transitioning into the infant stage. He’s getting bigger and able to do more and he’s just such a little cutie pie! Here’s some cool milestones that will eventually make it into that scrapbook I keep putting off:

– 14 lbs

-24 3/4 inches long

– smiles and giggles (Mikey was the first one to get him to laugh)

– wears size 2 diapers

– rolls from his back to side, but not quite to his stomach, yet!

– grabs dangling toys and tries to eat them

– grabs hair and gently pulls

– likes to eat his toes, fingers, blanket, anything he can grab!!

– is entertained by Mikey playing with toys

– let’s out a high pitched squeal when you pick him up and he’s happy- it’s loud!!

– isn’t afraid of Mikey and all the hugs and kisses he has to offer

– takes naps in his crib (finally), but prefers the car seat for most of the night

– rubbed out most of his hair; he has a Donald Trump comb over on top and a little bit of fuzz on the sides

– is overall a happy healthy baby who we just love to show off!

It’s Been 2 Months Since I Had This Kid

Josh and Daddy Josh at 2 months 

I can’t believe how big Josh is getting and how fast time is going by.  I don’t mind at all!  He sure is a cute little guy and we’re slowly starting to get glimpses of his little personality.  I think he’s going to be a social butterfly, talking to anyone who will listen, and willing to lend a ear if you just want to talk.  Here are a few milestones for the unfinished (not even started) scrapbook:

-Weighed 12 lbs. 6 oz at his 2 month check up.  Quite some growing from the little 7 lb babe he used to be

– Gives some big smiles to whomever is holding him- cousin Laura, Grandma, mommy, daddy…

– Does not like a wet diaper at all!  And boy can he fill them up fast.  Only 2 blowouts so far, so we’re feeling lucky if it’s only a once a month occurrence. 

– Coos and gurgles to no end.  He’s already telling stories and babbles when Mikey asks him to say the prayer.  It’s really interesting stuff he has to tell!

– Starting to be amused on his play mat, in his swing, and in the bouncy chair by the hanging toys.  He really likes to look at them and will stay content for quite a while.

– Blows lots of spit bubbles. 

– Enjoys taking a bath and having warm water all around. He doesn’t fuss at all.  He even pooped once in the tub!  A first for these parents!! 

– Stays asleep during car rides.  This is a good sign since we’re planning a 5 hour trip to Utah to visit grandparents.

It’s Been 1 Month Since I Had This Kid….

Oh my gosh I can’t believe that my life is so splendid!! Well, maybe not all the time, but it rhymes well.

So Joshy has been a part of lives for 1 whole month now so I figure I better write down some memories before I forget (b/c we know I won’t be starting his scrapbook any time soon and I tend to forget easily!)

Josh was 7 pounds even and was rushed to the NICU right after he was born. He only had to stay for about an hour. For being rushed up there for being pale (along with some weird fingernail thing, and a cyst) I swear the nurses put him in a tanning bed, b/c he came back looking as “dark” as that guy who does the baked wheat thins commercial…. You know that fake bake look?? His name slips me right now, but I will find out who that actor is.

Josh also had jaundice in the beginning which made him a yellowish color (once the fake bake wore off), poop 3 times at every feeding, and sleep like you wouldn’t believe!! The nurses would come in every 3 hours to wake me up to feed him since he wasn’t waking up by himself usually. They surprisingly didn’t send us home with a little light box thing though.

Now that we’ve been home for 1 whole month, here’s some highlights I’m posting so some day I can transfer them to a scrapbook:

– He averages 3 hours of sleep between feedings. It seems like 4 hours between feedings during the day and 2x he has slept for 5 hours during the night (what a treat for every one!!)

– For whatever reason, he would only nurse on one side. Depressed, but determined to not be lopsided and connected to a breast pump for the next year I went to see a lactation consultant! I called Family to Family Connection (a non profit place that was listed on my resource sheet from the hospital) and these people are angels!! They know their stuff! After 2 weeks of not giving up, he finally mastered the left out left side and now I’m feeling much better about the whole nursing thing. I was so close to just giving up and giving in to formula, but glad I hung in there.

– Still wearing Newborn sized diapers, but we’re getting really close to being in size 1! So far we have had no blow outs up the back or out the legs, but maybe those will come with time. Diapers are such cool inventions! They hold so much, well, crap!

– Still has his dark hair- very close to my hair color. We joke that this one is mama’s boy and Mikey is daddy’s boy, because of their hair color. Mikey’s hair was pretty dark, turned red, and now is blonde like those kids in Utah!

– Doesn’t fit in clothes very well. 0-3 month clothes will probably fit him closer to the 3 month mark. Although he’s gaining weight like crazy (1 lb in 2 weeks) he is still really little and drowns in onsies. We have soooo many baby clothes that are just waiting for him to get a little bit longer so he can wear them proudly.

– Enjoys sitting in the bouncy seat as long as Mikey is close by and entertaining him.

– Loves to be held and nap in mama’s arms, especially if I sing to him. One day, I seriously held him the whole day unless I had to change a diaper or something…. That was the night he slept for 5 hours. Coincidence?!?

– Makes the cutest coos and gurgle sounds. He said “hi” back to me once….. And thank goodness he doesn’t cry and scream as loud as he did when he came out! Oh I was scared!

– When in doubt, keep on burping. He takes forever to burp that you might as well let him fall asleep on your shoulder and keep patting his back. The little burp, or occasionally a very loud one, will come out eventually.

Looking back I would say it takes a good 3 weeks to get used to having a new little one around and get used to all that goes along with him- diapers, feedings, cryings, burp cloths for spit up and blankets for swaddling all over the house! We’re sort of in a little routine now and for the most part we all now what to expect from little Joshy. I seriously was thinking “what do I do every night when I need to eat supper?” I really can’t remember if I’ve been holding him while I eat, or if he’s sleeping in the swing while we’re at the table. It’s amazing how fast time goes by and how things around the house and dealing with the other members of the family all get done in their own time. Even though life will never be like it used to- 1 kid, sleeping through the night (sigh), a little more freedom to come and go when ever- I wouldn’t trade it for the world!! So far, so good in the house of boys and 1 gal =o)

I Love You Baby!

I am adjusting to life with a new little guy to take care of in addition to my other boys!! So far, it’s not that bad really. This new little guy came out crying so loud and for so long that I seriously commented to the anesthesiologist and nurse that I thought I had just delivered a spawn of the devil himself and I was really really scared!! The docs sewing me up even make a few comments about his loud shrieks and shrills to which I replied I was so not ready for a loud kid like this. (Forgive me little Joshy- you are a complete opposite of that now!)

This kid is so great!! He sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. He’ll cry when he poops and needs to be changed and luckily it’s right before feeding time, so we’ve seriously got a little schedule already going. I don’t know how I got so lucky! Kid #2 is so much easier than kid #1- obviously because we parents have a clue about what’s going on. There’s a few things I had forgotten, but for the most part things are running as smooth as possible.

I’m just having a hard time in the mornings mainly because everyone is getting up at the same time, all needing different things, and I’m so hungry, needing a shower, and having to feed the baby. I’m still a bit sore from surgery, getting really tired of waking up in a puddle of sweat like 3 times a night, and slowly convincing myself that I can make it down stairs for the day. Oh, and having swollen feet in the evening is getting annoying too!

I’m trying to take it easy, but I tend to be strong-willed. The first night I climbed the stairs and it nearly killed me. I was determined to sleep in my room rather than the couch or recliner downstairs for a week like I did with kid #1. I spent the next day upstairs just terrified of having to climb the stairs again. The next night, I was daring and slept in my bed, with the help of a little 3 step ladder and all the pillows on the bed. My slumber was heavenly!! I am now progressing and going downstairs for the day and then returning upstairs at the end of the day.

As for baby- He’ll wake every 2-3 hours in the daytime and if we’re lucky, we can get him to stay awake for like 10 minutes after he’s nursed a little bit, but usually he just dozes off. He’s having a hard time latching to one side, but has no problem on the other side. Thank goodness for breast pumps =o) Mikey was 8lbs 2 oz, so when I found out I had a little 7lb baby, I was totally taken by surprise. He drowns in 0-3 month clothes, so for Easter he got 1 preemie outfit (thank you Wal Mart clearance racks) that fits him perfectly. He’s so cute! I never in my life thought I’d have a kid who would need preemie clothes. I guess that’s just a perfect reason to go shopping again for baby stuff since I didn’t buy hardly anything for this one since I have tons and tons and tons of boy clothes. I think I’ll look for newborn sized stuff, because I still have issues with my kid having to wear preemie clothes, weird huh?

My mom is down helping and I love her to pieces. She cooks and cleans and spoils Mikey and us every day. I wish we could convince her to stay another week, but she insists on going home to return to work. I just hope we get all the little projects done around the house that I would love to get caught up on while she’s here. I can’t drive, bend down, or pick up anything heavier than the baby, so we’ll see how much I can actually do.

Happy Easter!