A Reminder that I Live with Boys

(On Sunday morning while getting ready for church)

Daddy: Mikey, look up at the ceiling and pretend to look at a cute girl while I put your necktie on.

Mikey: Ok

Daddy: So which cute girl were you thinking about?

Mikey: Mommy!  She’s the cutest girl I know.

Mommy: Will you please go check in my closet and bring me my bras so I can wash clothes today?

Mikey: Mommy, what’s a bra?

Mommy: Good question.  I’ll go look for them.

(later that night)

Mikey: Oh mommy, those pajama pants are just so adorable on you!  I like those colors so much.

He’s obviously picked up on my vocabulary.

Mikey Says:

Mikey: If I don’t clean up my toys before you vacuum will Heavenly Father come and take them away?

Me: (thinking long and hard) No. But Daddy might!


Mikey (while in the bathtub): the black stuff isn’t scrubbing off my feet.

Me: Here’s some soap for your wash rag so you can scrub your feet.

Mikey: It’s not working.  I think your black hair is just stuck in my feets and it won’t come off until tomorrow.

Me: I don’t have black hair. I have brown hair.

Mikey: No, the top of your hair looks black to me and then it gets brown.


Mikey: Look at me, mom!

Me: Stop jumping off the couch please.  That’s a bad choice.

Mikey: Why?

Me: Because I said so and Joshy will try to do it and get hurt.

Mikey: Oh, I will never ever make bad choices again.  And I will never stop eating lasagna either!

{later that day}

Me: Stop please.  That’s a naughty choice.

Mikey: But sometimes I want to make good choices and sometimes I want to make naughty choices in the day.  I just want to do what I want, OKAY!  Is that okay?

lucky for me I can keep my cool through these episodes!

More Funny Mikeyisms

Mikey: Everyone should come to my Beach Ball Cup. December 11th, 2009.                                                                                                                                          Me: What’s that?  A competition or something?

Mikey: Yeah mom!  That’s what I said.  A Beach Ball Cup!  I hope they all come to my Beach Ball Cup.


Mikey: Is the bug guy coming today?

Me: No!

Mikey: Oh thanks mom!  Thanks for telling me I don’t have to pick up my toys.

Me: I didn’t say that.

Mikey: When is the bug guy coming?

Me: Probably in August.

Mikey: Okay, I will clean up my toys in August!


Me: What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Mikey: Peanut ubber jelly sanich and macaroni cheese.

Me: What’s the next favorite thing you like to eat?

Mikey: Just peanut ubber jelly sanich and macaroni cheese MOM!


Mikey: Knock Knock

Me: Who’s There?

Mikey: Helpful Cow

Me: Helpful Cow who?

Mikey: Bouncy Ball

Me: ????


Apparently Mikey has never seen a girl’s swimsuit, because as I tore opened the box and was holding mine up (I ordered it online. YES, stupid I know, but it was a REALLY great deal!) Mikey gave me the weirdest look and said, “Mom, that swimsuit isn’t as big as you are.  It’s kind of small and it doesn’t cover you like your shirt does.  And those holes are for… your… legs???” 

I busted up laughing and then preceeded to show him guy and girl swimsuit models in the JC Penney’s ad so he could understand the whole swimsuit look.  All this at the tender age of 3! 

So it’s time to open a new bottle of gummy vitamins and guess who couldn’t get the silly “child proof” lid off the bottle?  I tried and tried and finally handed to Mikey and told him to take it to Mike to open.  Mikey said, “Let me do it” and seriously after a few twists and turns he got the lid off with hardly any trouble at all!  I couldn’t believe it!  Maybe he could balance the checkbook next!

Mikey’s New Pet

Upon hearing the Mikey gets to babysit a cat next week, Grandma N was reminded that they (Grandma and Grandpa) were thinking about getting a cat for Mikey and Josh.  When asked what I thought I said that’s fine as long as it stays at their house 6 hours away!  When Grandma N then talked to Mikey to see if he would like a cute little kitty cat to play with at her house he paused and then said NO!  We then asked what kind of animal he wanted Grandma and Grandpa to get him to play with at their house and after thinking for a few seconds he replied very seriously,  A LION!