Twas the Week After Christmas…

Our Cox Family Version of

Twas The Night Before Christmas 2008


Twas the week after Christmas and the timing is great

To start my Christmas cards for this year- yeah yeah, so they’re late!

December was crazy, the whole month we’ve been sick

Runny noses and chapped lips don’t make for a good family pic.


We shall update you on events, we’ve grown from only 1 kid to raising 2

Joshua was born in March and it’s fun watching what he can do.

He entertains Mikey by playing and drooling every day

At 9 months he’s not walking, or crawling, or sitting up – oh no way!


Mikey’s our almost 3 year old and boy is he real bright

He knows the ABCs, numbers to 15, and reads scriptures every night.

He recognizes words like “the” and “of” and “love” and “dad”

He knows his colors, shapes, and nursery rhymes, but potty training is going bad.


Mike has been really busy- church, school, work, and training for C.E.R.T.

He’s got a passion for emergency preparedness- here’s to hoping we never get hurt!

He only has 1 math class left; it’s taken 10 years for this 2-year degree

Be watching for a May graduation announcement when we will shout with glee!


I am enjoying life, staying at home and being the queen

Clipping coupons, blogging weekly, and trying new recipes are my thing.

I’m still up at night with the baby and then mix in my church calling

Serving in the Relief Society presidency, my lack of sleep should have me bawling!


We are truly blessed and know that everything comes from Him above.

We’re sending you New Year’s wishes of hope and peace and love.

And if you live in Vegas and think our kids sound great

Please come on over and babysit so we can go on a date!



Much love from our family to yours,

Mike, Amanda, Mikey, & Joshy Cox