Blogger’s Block Update

I actually have much to show and tell all, but my laptop is out of service.  I plug it in to charge and it doesn’t charge unless the conditions are perfect- it has to be on its side, me pushing with all my might that little cord into its backside, cord not too kinked on the ground and plug hanging out just a bit from the wall!  I don’t have time for this so on I go letting it loose its charge and then reminiscing of the day when I would unload my camera pics to my laptop and blog blog away! 

So, in the mean time, I’ll just blog the list of things I need to blog and hopefully soon we can get little blue Toshiba laptop friend back in business.  On the plus side, I’m on the internet less and actually spending quality time with my kids.  The house is cleaner too!  AND I’m sharing my hubby’s laptop. Not too bad, really!

Blog worthy events (the pics still on my camera):

Mothers/ Fathers Day, Shark Reef, Great Grandpa V comes to town, Coat closet pantry, Graduation, Square Foot Garden, Memorial Day in Utah, Sun oven cooking, Discount Dumpster’s Customer Appreciation Event, Josh starts walking, Josh turns 15 and 16 months old, Babysitting Adventures, 4th of July, Backyard haircuts, KMart toy clearance finds, Vons store closing and other great grocery trips!

So just use your imagination when it comes to the pictures to go along with the things we’ve been up to these past few months. And if you have a suggestion to get my lazy computer back up to working condition then please leave a comment and let me know!