It’s Been 7 Months Since I Had This Kid

Well I am really loving this stage! Joshy is cute and responsive and just a happy happy baby! He’s so content just sitting or laying around just watching the world around him.

We were watching home movies not too long ago and at this age, Mikey could go from laying on his back to sitting up and grabbing toys! Josh is a complete opposite- not too concerned with moving really.

Still no scrapbook, but I do use my Cricut machine to make tags for diaper cakes =o) That’s about as crafty as I get now a days!

Here’s some Josh milestones up to this point:
Rolls from back to stomach and stomach to back
Sleeps in his “big crib” in Mikey’s room and sometimes still in the portable crib in our room
Wakes only once a night to eat and have a diaper change
Ready to start the day at 7:30am and is happy happy happy when he awakes
Had his first “great fall” and luckily didn’t need a trip to the ER. He rolled off the changing pad in the bathroom before his bath
Can turn the pages of his dangling board book
Has eaten pears, sweet potatoes, and bananas and likes them all!
Enjoys holding and chewing Daddy’s work pens
Likes his soft giraffe toy
Slept through 2 hours of church- such a treat!
Loves to watch kids play with his hanging toys on his carrier
wears size 3 diapers