The Ants go Marching One by One

What luck!  I parked in the last stall in the church parking lot which was right next to some rocks and shrubbery landscaping.  Well after church I felt a pinch on the top of my foot as I was standing by the truck unloading some food storage to people and looked down to see a red ant.  It burned a bit, but I flicked him off and thought nothing more of the situation.  WELL!  As I was driving home my stomach felt all itchy and sure enough, I checked my tummy and found 3 big red bumps and a little red ant biting away at me!  To make matters worse, I locked myself out of the house and Mike was in St. George for the weekend.   So itchies all over and no way inside to shower!

I did go to my s-i-l’s house across town and oinked on her leftovers and the boys took wonderful naps over there, so the day wasn’t completely awful.

Today I still feel like there are ants crawling and nipping me.  Crazy huh?