A Year to Declutter

I’m learning to make goals more attainable by giving myself plenty of time to fulfill the requirements.  This year, I have divided the house in 12 zones/rooms/ sections whatever.  Each month I will work really hard on each area to clean it out and declutter and leave myself feeling great. 

So for January we worked in the boys’ room AKA the Cozy Cone as Mikey calls it.   What’s funny is I didn’t start until the last weekend of the month to clear out the clutter and clean really well.  We did rearrange furniture, go through clothes, donate toys, and all that’s left is to figure out where to hang a cute picture arrangement… Yeah, it’s March, but oh well!

February- not so impressive.  It was the master bedroom, bathroom, closet, and retreat (little extra room with no closet off of our masterbedroom).  I sort of started on the last weekend of the month again and managed to make a bigger mess than when I started.  Oh, and I successfully added quite afew new pieces of clothes to the closet without getting rid of any.  Eek.  I’m hoping to get caught up with this project, but still start into March’s part of the house.

March!  We will march right in to hubby’s home office, attack the overflowing pile of receipts that are laying on top of the file box, we shall move the furniture around and maybe, just maybe add my office/craft room in the mix.  I’m a little nervous about sharing a home office with my hubs.  Go from full room to 1/2 room??  I’m going to be optimistic though and I think I will take the plunge to move my stuff in.  Crafts and computer repair all in one room!  Cricut personal cutting system meet the OKI color printer.  And sewing machine, this is your new bunkmate- the server on the floor next to the automated phone system that shares floorspace with those 2 computer towers.  They can’t talk right now, because they need to be fixed.  Don’t you complain sewing machine.  I could put you in the garage with 10 broken computers and all their misc. parts!  What do you think?  I would be embarrassed to show before/ after pics, but maybe it’s what I need to stay motivated.

I Heart You


Love Pie

Love Pie


Not hurt you, heart you!  My hubby always teases me with silly things like that.

I made him an apple pie with my FREE pie crusts I got by using coupons on clearance items.  Oh, I just couldn’t resist getting a post in about couponing =o)  Obsessive- of course!  And I used cookie cutters for the fancy decorated top.  Sure beats trying to cut out letters free hand.

I love you hubby #1.  Thanks for being such a computer geek and for spending all day fixing other people’s problems.  We sure love you Daddy Cox and love spending time with you.  Thanks for all you do!

Last Minute Gift for He-Who-Has-Everything-and-Needs-Nothing!

This coupon good during the month of:


     Because I love my hubby Cox, an email a day awaits your inbox!




This coupon good during the month of:


      To make sure that you can sleep tight, you get hugs and kisses and snuggles every night!




This coupon good during the month of:


   Turbo tax madness will soon be due, so I’m assisting with taxes, yes it is true!





This coupon good during the month of:


     You’re studying hard, graduation is near. I’m

           making you breakfast in bed every Sunday morning my dear!

This coupon good during the month of:


      The taxes are done- hip hip hooray.  Wifey will now help you file all those papers away!




This coupon good during the month of:


      Date night each weekend so we can get reservations.  I’ll book the sitter, you pick the locations!




This coupon good during the month of:


   You get to sleep in every Saturday.  No alarms, no boys, no wifey nagging, okay!




This coupon good during the month of:


       You get a full cookie jar every day.  Check it often I promise there’s quite an array!



This coupon good during the month of:


     Dinner’s ready every night, a hot meal

I am making.  Come  running fast, it’s especially

for you my handsome king!




This coupon good during the month of:


      Your feet rubbed and lotioned every night in the bed. 

And maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll massage

your shoulders and your head.




This coupon good during the month of:


    A swiffer sweeper is the new me! I’ll be picking up

your dirty  clothes, cleaning your messes-

where ever they may be!




This coupon good during the month of:


       Diaper duty free, you read it right.  Don’t lift a finger, mommy will change them alright!


You [Should] Listen to the AM Radio

Jerk of the Week Sponsor

My husband is on KXNT!! 

Just look on the right hand side of their website in yellow and black where he’s sponsoring the “Jerk of the Week”.  They have nicknamed hubby the Geek of the Week as a result. 

Well here’s the story.  Dear hubby loves loves loves listening to talk radio, especially KXNT. And he really likes listening to Casey Hendrickson!  Well they were looking for a sponsor for their “Jerk of the Week segment” and hubby really really really wanted to do it!  This is like one of those things where you know it would make dear hubby happy, he’s been trying really hard to be resourceful with his time and money, but basically he really really really wanted to do this!  It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity that he really wanted to be a part of.  Or maybe he just wanted to hear his name on the radio?!?  So sometimes you have to give in and just say YES dear hubby. YES you can do that!!!!  So he met with “The Boss” and sent over his business image and signed some papers and now he’s on their website as a sponsor!

Hubby is a true computer geek if you haven’t figured it out.  He’s appropriately named the company “Las Vegas Geeks” and in case you’re thinking of those other geeks- hubby was here first AND he’s much less expensive and more personable!!   So hooray for me for letting hubby do something he really wanted =o)  You know the feeling I’m sure ladies =o)