Happy 4th of July!

Red Cliffs, St. George

Sorry for the late post.  I have issues uploading pictures!

So we went to St. George to visit family for the long weekend and had quite a blast (ha ha). Mikey got to meet his girl cousins who were visiting from New Mexico and he got along pretty well with them. Last time they all were together the girl cousins wanted to trade their youngest sister for Mikey, because he was cute I think was their reasoning.

We love Duplo Blocks    Suzy and Josh

Well I won the annual hand in the bucket of ice water contest- again!! I almost missed it, but they let me join in a bit late and I held my hand in there a few minutes longer to make up for being late. Breathing techniques learned in birthing classes really helped me out=o) At least they were good for something!

Ice bucket contest      Junior ice bucket contest

Mikey and I went swimming and he really became comfortable with the water, jumping in, going under the water, and walking down the stairs to get into the pool. We had such a great time bonding together. Mike kept the baby inside so Mikey and I played outside for hours!!


I didn’t get a picture, but I made homemade ice cream and it was such a hit with everyone! We’ve had the ice cream maker since our wedding, but we didn’t get it out of the box until about 2 weeks ago! The nieces and nephews absolutely loved it and begged me to make more. They didn’t even let it harden up, they ate it soft serve style.

So Mikey was afraid of the fireworks so he stayed inside and watched from the window. He’s such a cute boy! He still says “me afraid of the big fireworks” but requests we go to Gamma’s so he can go swimming and watch some more fireworks!

The best view

As with any vacation it’s so much fun to get away, but oh so nice to get home and sleep in your own bed!

Memorial Day

I’m way behind in posting, so maybe I’ll just let the pictures tell the story. I spent a week in Ferron, UT which is 30 minutes past  the middle of no where according to my hubby.  My parents moved there from the fast- paced lifestyle of Vegas about 2 years ago.  Well it’s always fun to let the kiddos be spoiled by grandparents, but not so fun to realize that you are, despite what you think, slowly starting to act like your mother at times- aughhh!!  Another point for hubby’s team (you were right dear!)

Well one of our traditions is to go decorate graves on Memorial Day.  My grandma (whom I was named after) and grandpa are really the only ones who get flowers, flags, and pinwheels, but this year we at least drove through some other cemeteries.  See, when my grandma was alive she would take us to all the cemeteries each year and tell us who was where and how they were related.  Well, the info didn’t quite stick, but the cemeteries did!! We even asked an aunt this year who were the people buried in the cemeteries we remembered going to.  Luckily she knew. 

Memorial Day is my fave. holiday for some strange reason.  I really don’t know why I get so excited to put flowers and decorations on graves, but there’s something sweet and reverent and exciting about doing so.  Mikey just enjoyed all the flags and finally getting out of the car to move around.  He did pretty well!

Flags among flowers Flags Helping Out Helping Grandma

Am I the only one who doesn’t care for BBQs, swimming pools, and watermelon on Memorial Day, but rather a long ride to the country cemetery to put fake flowers on dead people’s graves?  I think I am a little odd for this one.