Wish Me Luck

Tomorrow I go and take my technician’s test to get a ham radio license!  Hubby’s been taking the free 3 hour classes that ran for 6 weeks and thought it would be a grand idea to have me take the test too!  Do you hear the excitement in my blogging voice? NO? Well there is none, but sometimes you just have to do something nice for someone else, because it will make their day. So I’m doing it all for my dear hubby, because I love him.  And hey, we’ll both have some experience when it comes to emergency communication in times of disaster.  Feel free to call us emergency preparedness geeks =o)

 I’ve had a week to study 300 questions and I’ve honestly only studied 1/2 of what I’m supposed to.  I’ve been taking online practice exams and I have been passing them the past few nights so I’m not too worried.  I will admit 1 thing that’s cool: once I pass the test and become an official “ham” then I have permission to transmit and talk to astronauts at the space station!  I don’t even know if there are astronauts on the space station right now, but the idea sure sounds cool to talk to them! 

I guess before I get all my hopes up, and those of dear hubby, I should get back to studying and pray for miracles tomorrow.  I’m relying on my great memorization skills like associations, linking, pneumonic devices, and acronyms.  I’ve got some pretty creative ways of keeping my test questions and their correct multiple choice answer selections all organized.  It makes sense to me and that’s all that matters.  Come 1 pm tomorrow I can throw it all out and erase it from my memory.  So here’s to becoming an amateur radio operator!

Update: I passed and only missed 3 questions, yay!  I think I’ll apply to get a vanity call sign with x’s and o’s to celebrate.