Freecycle Finds

Yesterday I got a food dehydrator still in the box, in great shape, with the manuals and today we’re picking up a gas BBQ grill.  Have I convinced you yet that Freecycle is completely awesome and worth joining?  Think Craigslist, but everything is FREE!

Previous freecycle finds: 3 bookshelves for the garage, tons and tons and tons of kids’ clothes, a train table with rolling storage drawers underneath, pots and pans, moving boxes, and a ton of other stuff we’ve been able to get rid of by passing it on to someone else. 

I’ve been Freecycling for a few years now and love it!  And it helps that hubby has a truck so we can pick up the bigger stuff, but a truck isn’t necessary.

Oh Happy Days

Can I just tell you that I have had a wonderful day today?  Lately I feel like I have been a bit frazzled and on the pessimistic side with a lot of sarcasm and fake happy emotions going on, but I am loved!!  Someone brought me flowers today and a box of goodies, but it wasn’t my husband.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t from another guy!  And then I had an awesome talk with a friend.  And then came the call from another person in the ward who was thinking of me and has some more goodies for me to go pick up for my kiddo.  And I found someone to watch my kiddos during a double meeting night.  And then I scored 2 Thomas train DVDs at the library when usually there are zero!  And then I scored free 8 foot shelves on Freecycle to hang in the garage.  And even though I’ve only seen my hubby for 45 minutes which was for dinner, car ride to library, and then HOA mtg, I’m not feeling bitter and upet.  He left for work today before I was even up and took off for another job after the HOA mtg.  So thank you people for making my day really pleasant.  I’ll have to pay it forward, that’s for sure!

Oh Johnny Appleseed!

I bought a box of apples and got ambitious.  I’ve never canned anything all by myself, but I decided that today would be the day to do it… without mom by my side to really do all the work while I played lazy assistant. 

I actually picked up some canning rings and lids on clearance on Wednesday and ironically got an email on Thursday about boxes of apples being offered at the Bosch store.  Collected some canning jars on Freecycle and now I’m in business.

Great news- I opened and used my Pampered Chef apple corer/peeler/ slicer (another wedding present still in the box until now!) and kind of got it to do what it’s supposed to do.

So all that hard work and I burned some of my first batch while talking to mom on the phone!  What luck huh?  So the apples I did salvage made a whopping 2 jars.  That’s a lot of work, but try #1 always takes the longest.  Batch 2 was a cinch to peel, but took so long to boil that I missed a Christmas party (sorry Patty) and resulted in 3 jars!! Note to self- 20 lbs of apples fills 5 medium jars. 

All in all I’m feeling all domestic diva-ish and so excited that I canned something.  Well, I’m still waiting for the lids to pop to let me know the whole process worked!  I’ve got to take a break from canning though before I get all worn out.  Lots of work, little to show for it (in quantity produced… the big sticky mess on the floor and my shoes doesn’t count).  I sure hope Mikey eats this stuff.  And Pampered Chef fans, how do I prevent major juice leakage from running down my cupboards (see picture)?