Smith’s Great Sale 2/2- 2/8

I got all this (100 items including the shrimp ring) for $71 OOP (out of pocket).  I’ve learned the sale cycles so I buy items when they are at their lowest price AND I do a clip-less coupon approach.  It’s easy, saves time AND more importantly it saves money!

I’m hosting a FREE Grocery Smarts class in my home at the end of February AND I’m feeding you!  What more could you want?  (I also have a toy room if you need to bring your little ones).

This trip I got charcoal for $2, bagged cheese for $2 a lb, sliced cheese for 49 cents, hot dogs for 39 cents, baby lotions for $1.50, and lots more!

In the past I’ve gotten jumbo packs of diapers for $2.50, salsa for 9 cents a jar,  tortillas for 10 cents, canned veggies for less than 30 cents each, packs of dishwasher tabs for less than $1 a box,  cases of bottled water for $1.79, hummus for FREE, cool whip for FREE, bags of shredded cheese for FREE, toothpaste and toothbrushes for FREE, deodorant for 25 cents, RoTel for 16 cents a jar, a box of copy paper for $5 (normally $50), a Sonicare electric toothbrush for $9 (regularly $49), and an entire pantry, freezer, and bathroom stocked up with items my family uses.  Oh, and I NEVER pay more than a $1 for a box of cereal (Kashi, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Trix, or any kind)!

You too can learn the best deals and when to stock up on the items you use most.  Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested and I’ll get you the info.

Free Food ($10 value)

Schwans has a nice promo going on right now for new customers.  Check out the link to get a FREE $10 in food!  I got us a pizza, but since there was no tax after I ordered I wish I would have picked a $9.99 item. Oh well!  FREE dinner for a night is wonderful so thanks Schwans!   Let me know what you get!

Free Ice Cream!

On Thurs., Sept. 25th from 5pm-8pm guests of Coldstone Creamery will be treated to a FREE 3oz ice cream to help promote the Make a Wish Foundation!  Click the Cold Stone link to find out more info.

And check out my “bargain bin” links on my ever growing blog roll on the right (under the archives) for some neat sites that tell about great shopping finds and coupon crazy deals!  I love this type of stuff so I’ll be searching and adding more as I find them.  Let me know if you’ve found some sites worthy of bargain bin status so I can share the deals (that someone else worked so hard to find and post and share so we don’t have to!)