Game On


Mikey has taken a liking to playing games and related activities.  For Christmas he got Dora dominoes, Sesame Street dominoes, and for his birthday he got Mickey Mouse dominoes.  Can you guess what we play at our house all the time? 

He’s pretty good too! We showed him once how to turn the doubles side ways and continue placing pieces along them and he does it! 

Other games we play- Snap card game (similar to Egyptian War), go fish, Bingo (he’s way good at this one), checkers (still learning this one), chess (well, this one is a bit advanced so maybe mastery by kindergarten), the Cookie Jar game (played at 18 months), and the motorized fishing pond game (my least fave!)

And this kid loves puzzles!  No little red finger knobs needed.  He did a United States puzzle with Mike once and now attempts it all by himself.  If he starts with California, then he looks at the box and can figure out which pieces go where.  We’re learning states with this little activity.  He can tell you which one is missing too- West Virginia! 

So I was a crazy first time parent and was a little worried when Mikey turned 1 and wasn’t talking, but now as a 3 year old he blows me away with the stuff he can learn and retain! 

Joshy was having a hard day with teething and wouldn’t calm down for anything.  Mikey out of no where said, “Mommy, let I hold Voffy (Joshy) so he won’t be sad” and it totally worked!  Josh loves his big brother and Mikey is doing his best to teach Joshy all there is to know in the world including the rules of how to play all these games.   I sure love these cute little guys!

Mikey is 3 Years Old

The week before Mikey was born (a little over 3 years ago), my mom rolled her Explorer on the highway after she took her seat belt off to remove her jacket.  She spent the night in the hospital and had to tell me only 1/2 truths  (car problems) about why it was taking her so long to come down to see me so I wouldn’t go in to labor.

2 years ago, my Dad drove from Vegas (celebrating Mikey’s bday) back home only to get in a 4 wheeling accident (wearing no helmet) where he faced either running head on into an on coming vehicle or drive over the ledge and head down close to the icy river.  He chose the latter, rolled a few times,  broke some things, had a long ambulance ride to the hospital about 45 minutes away.

Last year we celebrated by ourselves for fear someone else would have bad luck with moving vehicles!

This year we opted to go see these “unlucky” grandparents and celebrate Mikey’s birthday up there, hoping and praying the weather would be good and we wouldn’t get in a wreck!

Couldn’t have been better conditions!  We had a reunion with some extended family, went ice fishing, sledding, 4 wheeling on the ice, had a party, and celebrated like crazy!

I’m afraid we can’t top this party even if we wanted to.  It was simple, with family, a Cars cake the Mikey really wanted Grandma to make, and just lots of fun with 2nd cousins he’s hardly known until now! Yay for family parties and Happy Birthday Mikey!

It’s Been 10 Months Since I Had This Kid

Well little Joshy is finally making the transition to being a mobile little guy.  He isn’t crawling, but he sure can scoot on his tummy and pull himself along the kitchen floor at a quick pace. Here’s what he’s been doing lately:

-Sits up for an extented time (you have to sit him up) and then falls back and rolls on his tummy to start “pull crawling”

– Has 2 bottom teeth and more on the way

– Wears size 3 diapers

– Has discovered pb+j sandwich crusts under the kitchen table and tries his best to eat them

-Crunched a Cheerio in half, but just drools out the pieces

– Loves to be in the middle of whatever Mikey is playing with, usually leaving Mikey begging me to pick Josh up and hold him away from all the toys

– Got a haircut at Grandma N’s and looks completely different.

– Wakes 2 times a night and it’s taking a toll on me!

– Likes to type on the laptop

– Grabs for glasses and cheeks, sometimes hair

– Enjoys rolling to the toy bins, pulling things out, and kicking at whatever he can get his feet on

-Went ice fishing and did really well to sleep the whole time

-Can click and unclick ink pens

-Plays with door stops

– Happy disposition and will let anyone hold him, unless he’s hungry and I’m close by =o)

In Our Lovely Deseret

So for Labor Day we took our first vacation for the year as a family (somewhere other than St. George to visit the in-laws).  We went to see my parents for a change and we had such a relaxing time.  We, for only a split second, were contemplating leaving the city life and trading it in for real country small town living.  I think we came back to our senses rather quickly though!  Mike drove back home Labor Day while I stayed at my parents for a week to enjoy the simple country life.  Here’s a little run down of our events:

Friday- arrive at Grandma and Grandpa’s house at like around midnight… The funny thing is that we left Vegas about 8 hours earlier and it’s only a 5 hour ride!?!

Saturday- we went to the mountains in Upper Huntington Canyon for a day trip.  We had Green River watermelon, took Mikey on a nature walk, played in the dirt and, get this- I started reading Twilight.  I don’t know if I should be ashamed or embrace that I finally gave in to peer pressure to read the book.  Mikey, Mike, and my dad were on the boat for Mikey’s first boat ride and chance to fish, so I stayed on shore and read a book while Josh slept the whole time in his carrier.  We had no sense of time or commitments or the hot scorching sun!!! I was so engrossed in reading my vampire love novel that I didn’t even feel the sun penetrating my pale cold skin. When I got home I sure could feel the burning hot sensation on my arms and legs- a sunburn!!  I haven’t had a sunburn like this since I was a kid!!  I guess there’s no pollution in the mountains to block the sun’s rays, because I got burned bad!! I’m still peeling like 3 weeks after the fact!!

Sunday- Go to “Ammah’s church” and go to nursery!!  Mikey has come a long way since starting nursery nearly a year ago.  He’s happy to go to any nursery class now!  We had fish for dinner and since we appropriately called it “fish nuggets” it was eaten in its entirety by Mikey.  We couldn’t believe he ate the whole thing!!

Monday- Just watch Cars on DVD like a million times and debate whether to go to Provo or not.  We chose not to.  Mike traveled back to see him parents and got a haircut while there. 

Tuesday- Go to Provo for shopping and fruit.  Nothing beats fresh fruit from the fruit stands on the side of the road.  Note to self- VEGAS of all places has peaches really cheap and really big!  Perfecto for canning.

Wednesday- Do some shopping, visit some relatives, go check out the Harvest Village.  Mikey experienced his first pony ride.  We ate some awesome sandwiches on homemade bread and shopped, shopped, shopped.  Utah has the best home decor stores!  We drove back home to Grandma’s house and took pictures of their alternative energy.  It was ironic that the mills were hardly turning though.

Thursday- Rested and recouperated at Grandma’s house.  Ferron was having Peach Days, their Founders Day pretty much, and offered a free dessert bar and talent show in the evening so of course we had to check out the local talent.  Grandma appropriately made peach cobbler and received a participant ribbon and a crisp $2 bill.  Mikey almost sang the ABCs for the talent show, but was too busy spinning and making himself dizzy when they were doing the last calls for participants.

Friday- Canned peaches all day and hit up the free city dinner at the park to continue the celebration of Peach Days.

Saturday- We went to the Ferron City parade!!  Mikey experienced his first small town parade- complete with salt water taffy, lots of politicians in shiny cars, horses, 1 marching band, and a few princesses and queens waving their pageant wave.  It didn’t take him long to figure out what to do- run into the street to pick up the candy that was thrown from the floats.  It was so much fun.  We don’t have that kind of fun in Vegas, that’s for sure!!  And we had to check out the quilts and oversized veggies at the Ferron City Fair.  Grandma entered her hand sewn quilt, but she missed the deadline so it was only for show, not to be judged.  Maybe next year the big blue prize ribbon can be yours Grandma!

Sunday- Go to church and nursery.  And lucky for me, the RS teacher was a presidency member and gave me all her notes from her awesome talk.  When I was a classroom teacher, the motto of a teacher was to “beg, borrow, and steal” and that’s just what I did!  So, 2 more months and it’s my turn to teach again in RS and I already have my talk!!

Monday- Take our time coming back to Vegas to see Daddy and adjust to the hot blistering sun that only Vegas can offer.  Grandma drove us back and stayed for a few days in Vegas before going back home.  That was so much fun to take a break from the hustle and bustle of not only city life, but church callings, homework, housework, and all the other great stuff that I completely left behind.  That little slow paced country lifestyle was just what I needed!!  It was of course wonderful for Grandma and Grandpa to see their grandbabies too!  Hopefully we’ll be able to get away for Thanksgiving and go see some family in California.