Happy 1st Birthday Joshua

My baby boy is 1 year old!  Grandma and Grandpa N came down to help celebrate.  They bought lots of toys and Grandma made his cake- a great tradition that I don’t mind at all!  She did an M&M cake with cupcakes too!  This family loves M&Ms.

So the Queen of Harts gave us left over birthday cake from her Giggle Girl’s birthday and we gave it to Josh to get used to real finger food.  Yeah, he picked that skill up in no time.  Come his real birthday that kid could down a cupcake faster than anyone!  I think he ate 4 cupcakes that day.  And don’t try and take any cake away from this little Tyke, because he would scream and let you know that taking cake away from a birthday boy was not acceptable!

Josh got a new swing, some sippy cups, clothes, blocks, his own teddy bear, and lots of loves from the family.  Oh yeah, and Uncle B. brought over his gf/ unofficial fiance (since she doesn’t have a ring) for the whole family to meet.  Welcome to the family Heather!  Okay, back to the Birthday boy.  At one he:

bites your shoulder or pizza from your fingers with a pirranah like chomp

drinks from a sippy if you hold it

get into the bathroom drawers and kitchen cupboard to play

puts toys away when he’s done

has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth coming in

weighs only 16 lbs and in the 4th percentile. Quite petite!

is a total mamma’s boy

climbed up 1 stair just once

loves to crawl into the bathroom

hugs stuffed animals

likes to eat sweets

trying hard to pull himself up into standing position, but can only get on his knees

enjoys his exersaucer

giggles like Chunk on Goonies

loves to sit in laundry baskets

still army crawling everywhere he goes

Just Randomness

I need to post, but that means unloading pics to the computer- that takes a while.  I’ll just write what I’ve been up to.

Joshy turned 1… yeah, pictures coming soon!

Go google Diva Cup- brilliant, but I don’t think I could handle that.

I’ve got some unfinished projects crossed off my list- pics coming soon too!

So someone once asked me a while back what I like and what my hobbies were.  I am not the same person I was in hs, that’s for sure.  No exercise, no clubs, no parties, no cultural anything going on.  I seriously couldn’t think of any thing to tell this person besides the “oh I am a mom” answer.  Then finally I came up with clipping coupons and bargain shopping.  And then I realized that I need to get more involved with something, anything, and RS doesn’t count in my book. 

Although RS does keep me busy.  I love spreadsheets and keeping track of data like names, addresses, and phone #s.  I also retract my statement about wanting to go to nursery next.  I don’t want to be out of the loop so I hope my next adventure allows me to stay in RS for third hour.  I haven’t heard a thing, but I’ll put in a great word for all you who think it could never be you.  The RS  president is such a great calling.  I think you’d do well at it =o)  Or maybe we’ll just continue to run the show for a few more months. 

My 3 year old asked me to stand up so he could put pillows around where I was sitting on the couch to make me a pillow bed.  I chose to keep typing away on my laptop and he then asked me why I wasn’t obeying!!

Some day my kiddo will be potty trained.  It really doesn’t bother me to keep changing his diaper. 

I did the coolest FHE tonight.  We toured the church bldg with some other families in the ward and some investigators.  Talk about so cool!  I think this idea will stick.

I had a free $10 coupon to Wags that expired today.  I bought diapers and a few other things.

Morning Moos is at Costco for a really good price right now.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting neighbors.  And they will be in my ward.  And they don’t have any kids.  But they are the grandparents to someone in my ward.  Hope that means they will be my pseudo grandparents as well =o)

I think my weakness is Reeses anything!  PB and chocolate is a perfect combo.

I used to watch Big Love.  Then it got too raunchy so we canceled cable so I couldn’t and wouldn’t be tempted.  So far so good.

My only sibling, my younger brother, is getting married in November.  It’s so, like, whatever, since  it’s not my own wedding.  Been there done that so we’ll just show up to yours bro and eat the food and smile for family pics.

I enjoy making to do lists. 

I don’t know the last show I watched on tv. We’ve really gotten used to not watching it and don’t even think to turn it on anymore.  It’s great!

I’m looking out for a good deal on lawn chairs.  Just those simple plastic white chairs to go in the backyard.  Keep an eye out for me.

I’m tired now and need to go to sleep since baby still gets up in the night multiple times.

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I only have 1 pair of flip flops.  They’re black.  My first pair was given to me by a college roomie and they were red, white, and blue and lasted about 6 years before that toe divider thingy busted.  I miss them!

2. I have only had short hair for 1 year and it bugs me.  I don’t take the time to do anything with it.  Plus it’s so thick that it has to be layered which makes it hard to do anything with as well.  I’m growing it out and going back to my old ways of long and loving it!

3. I met my husband at church!  Ha, I can’t believe that’s our story.  We were on the Youth Conference Committee together for the Sandstone Stake, but we didn’t know eachother beforehand.

4. I really like to eat Twizzlers licorice.  Not RedVines or any other brand.

5. My hubby calls me Princess Cheese Puff because I really like to eat cheese.  I love chocolate too, but don’t have a nickname for that one.

6. When I was little I hated that big wrinkle that everyone has going across their big toe.  I never wore sandals that revealed my toes or walked around barefoot during the summer as a result.

7. I went to Western High School and my senior year I was drum major in the band, captain of the tennis team, captain of the Varsity Quiz team, President of National Honor Society, Academics editor of the year book, and on the seminary student council.  I had a school uniform every day I could wear!

8. I used to chase boys in 1st grade, pin them against the chain link fence and make them kiss me.  

9. My first job was a “courtesy clerk” at Smith’s grocery store.  I loved that job and occassionally I got to work nonfoods and also in the bakery.  Great experience.

10. I graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Elementary Education and came back to NV to teach.  My plan was to come back and teach the whole time.

11. I was never really good at math and sometimes I hated it.  My dad told me there’s no way to avoid math, so just get good at it.  I minored in math in college and know that a miracle got me through Calculus 1.  I even for a split sec thought I’d want to teach Jr. High pre algebra for the rest of my life. 

12. I count people’s toes to make sure they have 10 little piggies!  Everyone so far has had 10 piggies!

13. Our first house was a cute little orange 2 bed 2 bath house with a 2 car garage built in the 1970’s.  I’d move back in a heart beat! 

14. I really enjoy Memorial Day.  I think decorating graves is awesome.  Christmas is good too!

15- I love coupons!  My mom clipped coupons and taught me all about comparison shopping and finding the price per pound.  I clipped coupons in college and would share them with my roomies.  They just laughed.  When hubs and I become millionaires (at age 30 according to our friends) I will still clip coupons for sure!

16-  I’ve had 2 c-sections which guarantees the rest will come out the same way as well. 

17- I’m a graduate school drop out.  I’ve taken all the classes to earn my Masters Degree in Early Childhood- Special Edcuation from UNLV, but I waited too long to go back and register for the last two classes.  Some day I’ll finish.

18- My RS calling has forced me to get over being scared of strangers.  I just dive in and call/ stop by/ leave my contact info for strangers/ etc.  Meeting new people has become a personal goal for me I guess. It drives me nuts to not know a sister in my ward.  There are a few still though I have never met.

19- I’m a bit OCD.  Just ask my hubby.  My kiddo has picked up on it a bit so I’ve learned to loosen up… but just a little bit.

20- I’m half Hispanic.  Sure wish my mom would have taught me Spanish though!

21- I have a square freckle on my ear and so does my younger brother.

22- Lost my last tooth in high school.

23- The Cali mom with the 14 kiddos totally doesn’t bug me like it does the rest of the world.  Good luck to her!  Just glad it’s not me.

24- Some people like to buy clothes or shoes.  I like to buy groceries and food storage!  It’s a total high for me.

25- I could go on and on.  I enjoy talking about myself =o)

I Heart TVP

So I was making a chicken with veggie and stuffing covering the top casserole for dinner last night and the chicken was showing no signs of thawing out!  (Yeah, I pulled cooked frozen chicken out of the freezer 10 minutes before starting on dinner!) My solution= ditch the chicken and throw in some TVP sausage from a can that’s in my food storage!!

Results= totally delicious and flavorful!  I will be making this again. And the spices are such a nice treat since I only use salt and pepper pretty much.  So daring, I know!

So I’m totally thinking this would be a great casserole for that sister in the ward who just had a baby!!!  I loved this dish and I think the rest of my ward would too!  I just can’t figure out why I never get called to take in a meal!?!  And I think Dream Dinners should start using TVP meats in their casserole dishes too! A lot more of us would try this dinner service if the price was cheaper.  The more cheaper chicken is called TVP people.

Read more about TVP meat here.  It’s pretty easy reading and just may change your mind about it.  I am half tempted to ditch meat altogether and go TVP all the way baby.

I’ve TVPed the sisters at Enrichment and put the sausage bits in a nacho dip and they loved it.  I’ve TVPed the missionaries and some friends who came over for breakfast for dinner.  Those scrambled eggs had TVP sausage bits in them my friends =o)  And now I’ve TVPed my family members who had no complaints about my casserole.

Who’s next?  Oh, maybe 2 wards at our Emergency Preparedness Fair next month (mwah ha ha ha)!

Christmas 2008

I just downloaded all the pics on my camera and I finally have time to sit down and blog again, yay!

The tree never got decorated.  There just wasn’t time really.  The Christmas train was enough for this happy bunch.   Mikey opened some Dominoes on Christmas Eve and helped Josh open a new high chair that straps to a regular chair.  Josh has  had 1 too many close encounters with the kitchen floor because he slides right out!  We spent Christmas in St. George with Mike’s family and it was so much fun to watch Mikey light up with excitement with every present.  Next year I need to remember to introduce my kiddos to Santa Claus.  They have never even seen the guy!  If you can’t tell from the pictures, Mikey really likes the movie Cars and he was spoiled from all the family!  Christmas is so much fun with kids this age.

Twas the Week After Christmas…

Our Cox Family Version of

Twas The Night Before Christmas 2008


Twas the week after Christmas and the timing is great

To start my Christmas cards for this year- yeah yeah, so they’re late!

December was crazy, the whole month we’ve been sick

Runny noses and chapped lips don’t make for a good family pic.


We shall update you on events, we’ve grown from only 1 kid to raising 2

Joshua was born in March and it’s fun watching what he can do.

He entertains Mikey by playing and drooling every day

At 9 months he’s not walking, or crawling, or sitting up – oh no way!


Mikey’s our almost 3 year old and boy is he real bright

He knows the ABCs, numbers to 15, and reads scriptures every night.

He recognizes words like “the” and “of” and “love” and “dad”

He knows his colors, shapes, and nursery rhymes, but potty training is going bad.


Mike has been really busy- church, school, work, and training for C.E.R.T.

He’s got a passion for emergency preparedness- here’s to hoping we never get hurt!

He only has 1 math class left; it’s taken 10 years for this 2-year degree

Be watching for a May graduation announcement when we will shout with glee!


I am enjoying life, staying at home and being the queen

Clipping coupons, blogging weekly, and trying new recipes are my thing.

I’m still up at night with the baby and then mix in my church calling

Serving in the Relief Society presidency, my lack of sleep should have me bawling!


We are truly blessed and know that everything comes from Him above.

We’re sending you New Year’s wishes of hope and peace and love.

And if you live in Vegas and think our kids sound great

Please come on over and babysit so we can go on a date!



Much love from our family to yours,

Mike, Amanda, Mikey, & Joshy Cox

Happy Birthday Aunt Michelle

So today is Mikey’s favorite aunt’s birthday!! She gets to share the day with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics so the plan was to go to her house and eat Chinese food from our favorite Ho Ho Ho restaurant (the food is much better than the name) and watch the Opening Ceremonies. Yeah, well, she went to St. George and then snuck back to Vegas to go to work and didn’t even tell us she was in town. Whatever!!! So no Chinese celebration at her house, but we still love her!!

Top 10 reasons why we love Aunt Michelle:

10- she lives in Vegas and we know her garage code and alarm code to get in the house

9- she totally pays for take out whenever we want to come over

8- she has an endless supply of M&Ms in her cupboard within a toddler’s reach

7- she’s not afraid of poopy diapers, screaming babies, or the messes they make

6- she’s a bargain shopper, will buy anything because it was a good deal, and then gives it to us a year after she bought it because it’s taking up room in her house

5- let’s us help her hang pictures, organize cupboards, run cables and wires throughout the house. And she loves our homemade quilting and crafting abilities that are slowly adorning her home

4- has great “discussions” with Mike about opposing views in politics, religion, ethics, and all the grey matter in between

3- has multiple copies of DVDs so it’s okay to borrow a few and keep them for extended periods of time

2- will buy train pieces to add to Mikey’s collection of Geo Trax and has as much fun with them as he does

1- gives the best Christmas presents- some day (hopefully before next Christmas) she’s going to take us to Dream Dinners and we won’t have to cook our dinners for a week!! Such a treat!

July 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Red Cliffs, St. George

Sorry for the late post.  I have issues uploading pictures!

So we went to St. George to visit family for the long weekend and had quite a blast (ha ha). Mikey got to meet his girl cousins who were visiting from New Mexico and he got along pretty well with them. Last time they all were together the girl cousins wanted to trade their youngest sister for Mikey, because he was cute I think was their reasoning.

We love Duplo Blocks    Suzy and Josh

Well I won the annual hand in the bucket of ice water contest- again!! I almost missed it, but they let me join in a bit late and I held my hand in there a few minutes longer to make up for being late. Breathing techniques learned in birthing classes really helped me out=o) At least they were good for something!

Ice bucket contest      Junior ice bucket contest

Mikey and I went swimming and he really became comfortable with the water, jumping in, going under the water, and walking down the stairs to get into the pool. We had such a great time bonding together. Mike kept the baby inside so Mikey and I played outside for hours!!


I didn’t get a picture, but I made homemade ice cream and it was such a hit with everyone! We’ve had the ice cream maker since our wedding, but we didn’t get it out of the box until about 2 weeks ago! The nieces and nephews absolutely loved it and begged me to make more. They didn’t even let it harden up, they ate it soft serve style.

So Mikey was afraid of the fireworks so he stayed inside and watched from the window. He’s such a cute boy! He still says “me afraid of the big fireworks” but requests we go to Gamma’s so he can go swimming and watch some more fireworks!

The best view

As with any vacation it’s so much fun to get away, but oh so nice to get home and sleep in your own bed!

I Love You Baby!

I am adjusting to life with a new little guy to take care of in addition to my other boys!! So far, it’s not that bad really. This new little guy came out crying so loud and for so long that I seriously commented to the anesthesiologist and nurse that I thought I had just delivered a spawn of the devil himself and I was really really scared!! The docs sewing me up even make a few comments about his loud shrieks and shrills to which I replied I was so not ready for a loud kid like this. (Forgive me little Joshy- you are a complete opposite of that now!)

This kid is so great!! He sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. He’ll cry when he poops and needs to be changed and luckily it’s right before feeding time, so we’ve seriously got a little schedule already going. I don’t know how I got so lucky! Kid #2 is so much easier than kid #1- obviously because we parents have a clue about what’s going on. There’s a few things I had forgotten, but for the most part things are running as smooth as possible.

I’m just having a hard time in the mornings mainly because everyone is getting up at the same time, all needing different things, and I’m so hungry, needing a shower, and having to feed the baby. I’m still a bit sore from surgery, getting really tired of waking up in a puddle of sweat like 3 times a night, and slowly convincing myself that I can make it down stairs for the day. Oh, and having swollen feet in the evening is getting annoying too!

I’m trying to take it easy, but I tend to be strong-willed. The first night I climbed the stairs and it nearly killed me. I was determined to sleep in my room rather than the couch or recliner downstairs for a week like I did with kid #1. I spent the next day upstairs just terrified of having to climb the stairs again. The next night, I was daring and slept in my bed, with the help of a little 3 step ladder and all the pillows on the bed. My slumber was heavenly!! I am now progressing and going downstairs for the day and then returning upstairs at the end of the day.

As for baby- He’ll wake every 2-3 hours in the daytime and if we’re lucky, we can get him to stay awake for like 10 minutes after he’s nursed a little bit, but usually he just dozes off. He’s having a hard time latching to one side, but has no problem on the other side. Thank goodness for breast pumps =o) Mikey was 8lbs 2 oz, so when I found out I had a little 7lb baby, I was totally taken by surprise. He drowns in 0-3 month clothes, so for Easter he got 1 preemie outfit (thank you Wal Mart clearance racks) that fits him perfectly. He’s so cute! I never in my life thought I’d have a kid who would need preemie clothes. I guess that’s just a perfect reason to go shopping again for baby stuff since I didn’t buy hardly anything for this one since I have tons and tons and tons of boy clothes. I think I’ll look for newborn sized stuff, because I still have issues with my kid having to wear preemie clothes, weird huh?

My mom is down helping and I love her to pieces. She cooks and cleans and spoils Mikey and us every day. I wish we could convince her to stay another week, but she insists on going home to return to work. I just hope we get all the little projects done around the house that I would love to get caught up on while she’s here. I can’t drive, bend down, or pick up anything heavier than the baby, so we’ll see how much I can actually do.

Happy Easter!

Occasionally, I Wanna About Me!

The ABC’s of Me: 

A-Attached or single? Attached! What a hunk!
B-Best Friend? Hmmm, who’s going to offer to babysit my kids first?  My hubby is my bff
C-Cake or Pie? Strawberry cheesecake from Red Lobster of all places!!  It’s heavenly I tell you and going to be my last supper before having this next kid!
D-Day of Choice? Fridays- I have my doc appts. in the morning so it’s nice to have a reason to get out of the house and go do something!!
E-Essential Item? My glasses, water bottle, chapstick, and cell phone!
F-Favorite Color? Pink and blue
G-Gummy bears or worms? Worms
H-Hometown? Columbus, Ohio
I-Favorite indulgence? Spending money on stuff for me =o)
J-January or July? January- a fresh start!
K-Kids? I have boys
L-Life isn’t complete without? My family, sweet treats, and church
M-Marriage Date? est. 2004
N-Number of Brothers and sisters? 1 younger, but taller, brother
O-Oranges or apples? Depends on the day, I like them both!
P-Phobia and fears? I am REALLY afraid of scorpions after seeing a picture of one on a wall in a house, afraid I have a stalker, afraid of getting into a car accident in the middle of summer and being scraped off the pavement after I sat there sizzling in the Vegas heat.
Q-Quote? “I touch the future, I teach!” – Christa McAuliffe
R-Reason to smile? When someone does something nice or unexpected for me.  And when naptime happens, it’s becoming a rare occurrence in this house!
S-Season of choice? Spring, this weather is awesome!!
T-Tag someone? Whomever is up for the challenge
U-Unkown facts about me? Never broken a bone, but have had ingrown toenails surgically removed back during my hs tennis days- gross huh? All my hangers face the same way and when possible, match the color of my clothes which are lined up from short sleeve to long sleeve and by color- a bit ocd, but I like it =o)
V-Vegetable? Green Beans
W-Worst Habit? Hmmm, we’ll leave that one alone =o)
X- Xray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound most recently!   We’re looking at about 7 1/2 lbs. for this next little guy.
Y-Your favorite food? Desserts and Italian food.
Z-Zodiac sign? Virgo