Oh the Pressure

I attended a free class tonight all about canning jams, veggies, and meats! My next home production project will be canning chicken! It looks awful, but will be nice to just go to the pantry and pull out some chicken! I’ll borrow a pressure cooker to do my meats since you can’t use a regular canner. Anyone already tried canning meat and have any tips?

Smith’s Great Sale 2/2- 2/8

I got all this (100 items including the shrimp ring) for $71 OOP (out of pocket).  I’ve learned the sale cycles so I buy items when they are at their lowest price AND I do a clip-less coupon approach.  It’s easy, saves time AND more importantly it saves money!

I’m hosting a FREE Grocery Smarts class in my home at the end of February AND I’m feeding you!  What more could you want?  (I also have a toy room if you need to bring your little ones).

This trip I got charcoal for $2, bagged cheese for $2 a lb, sliced cheese for 49 cents, hot dogs for 39 cents, baby lotions for $1.50, and lots more!

In the past I’ve gotten jumbo packs of diapers for $2.50, salsa for 9 cents a jar,  tortillas for 10 cents, canned veggies for less than 30 cents each, packs of dishwasher tabs for less than $1 a box,  cases of bottled water for $1.79, hummus for FREE, cool whip for FREE, bags of shredded cheese for FREE, toothpaste and toothbrushes for FREE, deodorant for 25 cents, RoTel for 16 cents a jar, a box of copy paper for $5 (normally $50), a Sonicare electric toothbrush for $9 (regularly $49), and an entire pantry, freezer, and bathroom stocked up with items my family uses.  Oh, and I NEVER pay more than a $1 for a box of cereal (Kashi, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Trix, or any kind)!

You too can learn the best deals and when to stock up on the items you use most.  Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested and I’ll get you the info.

I Need Fog

Well, actually I need a fog machine.  Anyone have one or have connections to get me one to use next Wed evening? 

I saw the most amazing and simple fire safety lesson last weekend at a preparedness fair and want to recreate it for my ward’s preparedness activity taking place on the 22nd.

Geez it’s like old classroom days trying to gather all your materials and resources for such a simple activity.

Stop drop & roll: huge stop sign get kid’s attention and we discuss then act out what to do if they ever catch on fire.

Hand on door: during a fire you are supposed to use the back of your hand to feel if a door is hot. ( That way you burn the less used part of your hand and don’t have to worry about burned fingers later as you try to do all your regular day to day tasks with burned fingers I guess).  If the door isn’t hot then it would be safe to open and go in/ out during a fire.

Smoking room: Set up furniture around room and turn on fog machine to simulate what a room might look like during a fire.  Participants then have to crawl through the smoke to the designated exit.

Coloring books/ dress up: participants may wear fire fighting clothes, boots, hats, and color in the fire safety coloring books provided.

I’m excited!  Just need a fog machine!

*note- we got a fog machine AND fire fighter clothes to make our fire safety room a big success.  It was great!

Wish Me Luck

Tomorrow I go and take my technician’s test to get a ham radio license!  Hubby’s been taking the free 3 hour classes that ran for 6 weeks and thought it would be a grand idea to have me take the test too!  Do you hear the excitement in my blogging voice? NO? Well there is none, but sometimes you just have to do something nice for someone else, because it will make their day. So I’m doing it all for my dear hubby, because I love him.  And hey, we’ll both have some experience when it comes to emergency communication in times of disaster.  Feel free to call us emergency preparedness geeks =o)

 I’ve had a week to study 300 questions and I’ve honestly only studied 1/2 of what I’m supposed to.  I’ve been taking online practice exams and I have been passing them the past few nights so I’m not too worried.  I will admit 1 thing that’s cool: once I pass the test and become an official “ham” then I have permission to transmit and talk to astronauts at the space station!  I don’t even know if there are astronauts on the space station right now, but the idea sure sounds cool to talk to them! 

I guess before I get all my hopes up, and those of dear hubby, I should get back to studying and pray for miracles tomorrow.  I’m relying on my great memorization skills like associations, linking, pneumonic devices, and acronyms.  I’ve got some pretty creative ways of keeping my test questions and their correct multiple choice answer selections all organized.  It makes sense to me and that’s all that matters.  Come 1 pm tomorrow I can throw it all out and erase it from my memory.  So here’s to becoming an amateur radio operator!

Update: I passed and only missed 3 questions, yay!  I think I’ll apply to get a vanity call sign with x’s and o’s to celebrate.


I am burning the very last CD right now!  Thank you to everyone who helped burn a set of 25 or so.  Sure helps to divide and conquer when it comes to big #s like 300!  And by the way, we only have 2 CD burners working at the moment.  1 is gone 15 hours a day with hubby, so little ole me was left with 1 burner, but I can now add CD burning to my list of accomplishments!  Hip hip hooray!  CD burning is done today!  Just got to pick up CDs from 3 people and we will be all set for the Emergency Preparedness Fair on Saturday!  Thanks once again everyone for your help!

Can You Burn CDs?

Um, huge favor to ask dear bloggers =o) So the preparedness fair is next week and we (hubby and I) have 300 CDs to burn for the event.  1 week, 300 CDs, only 1 CD burner…you get the idea!  Any one want to donate some time for a great cause and help in the effort?  I can personally deliver 25 CDs (unless you want more) and cases to you with the master CD if you will burn them at your house and get them done by Wed.  I will come back and get them too!  Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you’d be willing to help a sistah out.  I thank you in advance!

What Would You Do?

An earthquake hits Las Vegas (we ARE on a major fault line you know) and 100,000s become injured.  Large sections of the city are without electricity.  The emergency personel are overwhelmed.  What do you do?

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training helps you prepare for any and all emergencies before hand.  From the CERT website “The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community”.  The best part- IT’S FREE and you get FREE stuff for taking the classes.  Free training for emergency preparedness!! There’s no CPR training so you can’t use fear of mouth to mouth as an excuse for not taking the classes.

So classes are every Wed evening for the next 5 weeks (off for Thanksgiving week though) over near Jones and 95. Hubby just took the first of six classes in CERT and he loves it!  So he’s looking for others to take the free class too.  The skills you learn could very well save your life and the life of those around you.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue provides this training free to anyone in Southern Nevada interested in attending.    If anyone is interested in the FREE classes, let me know.  You can miss the first class (already past) but not any of the other ones.

Upon graduation, you get a backback full of emergency essentials, vest, hat, and the knowledge and preparation to help when disaster strikes.  Anyone interested??

Crazy 8 Tag

tagged ….by candice expecting

8 shows i like to watch:
1. word world
2. super why
3. pillsbury bake off
4. beauty and the geek
5. big love
6. veronica mars
7. the wonder years
8. boston legal

8 restaurants i like to eat at:
1. sweet tomatoes
2. arby’s
3. macayo’s
4. subway
5. golden corral
6. olive garden
7. ho ho ho’s
8. pizza hut

8 things that happened today:
1. got out of bed for a crying baby
2. wondered how I would make oatmeal if the microwave didn’t work
3. added to the overflowing pile of dishes in the sink
4. opened a package for me
5. gave in and let my kiddo put in a dvd so I could get stuff done
6. called hubby at work to chat
7. emailed some ideas to a friend for our emergency preparedness faire planned for February
8. clipped and organized some coupons

8 things i am looking forward to:
1. november 5th- the election will be over!!
2. getting a group order together for food storage from a store in St. George
3. hubby finally graduating from college and not being as busy
4. Josh sitting up and starting to crawl
5. a full night of uninterupted sleep- really deep sleep
6. Disneyland over Thanksgiving hopefully
7. having a potty trained kiddo
8. winning a full year of free groceries at (insert ANY store name here) so I can really get a year’s supply of food storage up and going. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

8 things on my wish list:
1. a one story house complete with solar panels, ginormous pantry, and efficient water system for when disaster strikes
2. finding a store offering free groceries in 2009
3. screaming, “I’m debt free!” on Dave Ramsey’s radio show
4. personal chef
5. a 2 hour massage
6. new cell phone that can hold tight to its pieces and parts when it gets dropped
7. organzing my whole house, complete with labels, clear totes, space bags, and a full team of organizers
8. food storage

Tag, you’re it!