Twilight at Twilight

Um yeah, so guess who went at midnight to the Rave theatres to be a part of the craziness?  Apparently there were lines starting at 10pm, but we missed them!  I picked up my date for the evening (my little brother) at 10:45pm, got to the theatre at around 11pm, and we walked straight in passing the long long lines of teen vampire look alikes and went to the “Birthday Room.”  You ever heard of Gladys Knight’s Saints Unified Choir?  Well they were smart and rented the theatre!  So, free pizza, drinks, candy, cake, oh and our own theatre that had empty seats all around us!  It was so awesome!  These people were hilarious and so friendly even though they were complete strangers. So thanks for friends of friends pulling us in to be apart of the choir reserved party crowd and for letting us mooch your food and stuff.  And poor Joshy had to cry it out at 1:30am since I wasn’t around, but he made it to 6:30am and then went back to sleep until 9:30am!  I needed to sleep in and Joshy couldn’t have picked a better day to do so!

Oh, as for the movie- I’m thinking maybe a step up from Napoleon Dynomite! Well, maybe a few steps better since Twilight did have great scenery, Matrix-like effects, and a bigger budget! I seriously felt like I was watching an acting 201 class (they were better than complete beginners) read through their scripts for maybe the 3rd time!  Hello Bella!  A little more realistic please when it comes to nearly being devoured by vampires! The monotone voice was killing me!!  And Edward! Hey Edward, when you’re nearly killing her by sucking out the poison I think you’re supposed to show a little more emotion!  I was seriously caught up in the bad acting that it was a bit hard to just enjoy the movie. The baseball scene was actually pretty good and finally when you feel like the plot is starting to take place.  We got excited for that at least!

So hopefully they will make lots of money from movie #1 and make some improvements for movie #2.  I did have a fun time and enjoyed some time away from the boys so thanks hubby and friends!

Was I the only one not impressed by Twilight?