Chuck E. Cheese Please!!

Wow I haven’t unloaded pictures from my camera in quite a while! Patty’s neices were in town not too long ago and I asked Patty if they liked Chuck E. Cheese. They’re not little kiddos like my 2, but Chuck E. Cheese certainly appeals to kids of all ages, because the girls love Chuck E. Cheese! We had a cup bursting full of tokens from our Aunt Michelle that I was tired of looking at in my kitchen so we all went one day for lunch, shared the tokens, and had a really fun time! We still have tokens left over that we’re saving for a successful potty training day (not happening ANY time soon!!!) And I hear they give you free tokens when you go in at 10 am when they first open!!

It was Mikey’s first experience at Chuck E. Cheese and it was quite memorable! He’s a bit short for most of the traditional games, but he tried his hardest to shoot the basketballs, roll the balls down the chute, bonk the moles with the mallet, and all those classics! He really liked the big ride on toys and got to sit next to Barney, Bob the Builder, and Chuck E. Cheese himself!! He sort of mastered pulling out the tickets and I was not surprised at all when we took them to the prize booth to trade in for prizes- a sucker, stickers, and a stupid little lizard toy that sticks to the walls!! Here’s some pictures of our exciting little adventure which was followed by a very long nap in the car on the way home =o) We love Chuck E. Cheese!!