Checking You Out

No, this post has nothing to do with the cashier at the grocery store!  

I’ve been catching up on blog reading and must say I love it!  I’m still not ready to get that thingy on the side of my blog that puts the most recently updated blog on the top, but maybe I should look into that (have hubby do that for me), because I’ve been reading for 2 hours already!  Sheesh!

Playing Catch Up

So it’s one of those days where I just woke up feeling awful- all crampy and sore and don’t talk to me for 5-7 days or I might bite your head off- you know, Aunt Flow!? Yeah, kay, just in case you weren’t following.  So much for cleaning the house.  Cleaning is so overrated.  I’ve gone long enough without cleaning and I don’t have the “I’m working on the Preparedness Fair” excuse this weekend, bummer! I’m taking it easy, would love to sleep, but the kiddos won’t allow for that.  So hey, I’ll just leave snacks in easy to reach places.  Cartoons are on non stop, and I hate admit it, but my kiddo is still in pjs!  That has only happened like, well, uh, I don’t know if that’s ever happened before in this house!  Remember, OCD me- we have unwritten rules like no breakfast or going downstairs until we’re dressed for the day.  Hey, today pjs are clothes and we’re dressed!

So I’m catching up on some of the blog posts I’ve only been thinking about, but that never quite make it to the press. Enjoy all the pics.  I guess my kids do look alike now that I’ve been digging in Mikey picture archives and comparing to Joshy’s current pics.  Yeah, cleaning can wait.  I love that I can do something productive from a couch.  This is great!