1,2,3 Strikes You’re Out!

So I was really hoping I could get this baby out today, but so far, no luck!!  My attempt to induce labor started with me unloading 5 Harcourt boxes, 2 big bags, and 2 gift baskets of “teacher crap” as hubby would call it from my car so I would have room to load up the new carseat.  No luck!

Loaded up the new carseat (still the box) and the kiddo and headed for the hospital where they were doing free carseat checks and installations- we’ve never installed a carseat, we prefer to have the experts from the local Safe Kids Coalition install them and then give them a donation.  They do such a great job to get em in there oh so tight and snug!! Well my hopes were that they would get going with the install, my water would break, and so I would just walk right inside and get admitted to labor and delivery.  Well, no luck with this attempt either!!  It took about an hour to move Mikey’s seat from the middle to the passenger side and also put the new rear facing baby seat behind the driver’s side.  As much as I love my car, my beautiful shiny eco friendly Prius, there just wasn’t room to fit 2 Britax carseats right next to eachother!!  Those carseats are the biggest safest monster carseats I know of, and oh so cool since you can use them from birth to 65 lbs.  So no kids sitting in the super safe middle of the seat, but at least they’ve got the world’s greatest carseat cushioning them! On to my next plan to get baby out.

 We headed to Centennial Hills Hospital which was having their grand opening celebrations, food, tours, and free raffles!!  So I figured we browse the vendor booths, go take a tour, have my water break, and walla- be right there in labor and delivery all ready to go.  Forget the part that they are so new that they don’t have a NICU in case something were to go wrong with baby and he’d have to be shipped out to some other hospital!!  Well after 2 hours of waiting around, eating cookies and lemonade, and touring the 2nd floor, they finally did the raffles and we won absolutely nothing!!  And no water breaking for me either.  And no free diaper bag like at the last hospital grand opening I went to!

 3 strikes and I’m out!!  I guess I shouldn’t try to take matters into my own hands.  I sure thought being so close to hospitals was perfect today, but I guess the day’s not over and he-who-has-yet-to-be-named is hanging out until his “scheduled arrival” a little later on. Oh well!  I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as we have some real excitement in the delivery department.�