Just Drill and Fill

So I went to the  dentist today and found out I had a cavity.  Ugh!  My hygienist asked if I ate candy.  Um yes, chocolate candy especially is good like whenever!  I’ve done everything right: I use my Sonicare toothbrush 2x daily and I’ve even upped the flossing count per week.  I make sure popcorn kernels get removed and I also like to chew gum.  I guess I’ve got to cut back on the sugary sweets.  I have a mouth full of fillings so it’s not like this is anything new.  It’s just a reality check that I’m not invincible and should maybe start eating less candy sweets to ensure I still have real teeth later to enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Luckily this new dentist trusted me when I said I don’t need a shot.  Just drill and fill and let me go home.  Why do dentists insist on numbing people all the time?  I get more worked up and nervous for the silly little shot than I do for the drill.

Happy Halloween!

I love decorations, but surprisingly the only thing up in our house for Halloween are some candles that a client gave Mike one day to give to “Mrs. Geek”. Well we’ve been to quite a few festivities so maybe we just haven’t really had time for decorations =o) Did some Trunk or Treat hopping, a cousin’s kid- friendly Halloween party, and started to go to a school party today, but got side tracked by some other important business. Try telling a 2 year old that we can’t go to the party any more and then try to recover from it!! Well we’ve been having some fun and the real holiday isn’t even here yet! Ask Mikey what his favorite part was from today and he’ll tell you it was handing out candy and saying thank you to the kids who said please!!