I Just Want to be Your TEDDY BEAR!

So BABY BEAR gets capital letters, because he is officially a part of this little growing family.  I got this Baby Bear thing as a baby shower gift from a former teacher colleague who I worked with when I was prego with Mikey.  Well Mikey has become attached (literally) to this footless teddy bear who is basically a Winnie the Pooh Bear head attached to a soft blanket.  Every where Mikey goes, Baby Bear is there too!  Yesterday I found Baby Bear laying by the toilet in the bathroom- GROSS!!!! So luckily I snatched Baby Bear away today long enough to send him through the laundry and air dry without Mikey seeing.

Well, along came the tears today, because a best friend couldn’t find his bear buddy even though I told him Baby Bear was in the laundry room.  Let’s just say it was a nice clean happy reunion!

Ask Mikey who his best friend is and he’ll either say “daddy” or “Baby Bear”. And if you ask Mikey who Mommy’s boys are, he’ll say “Daddy, Baby Josh, me, and Baby Bear.  Momma has 4 boys!”

So if you’re wondering why that silly old bear is in so many pictures, it’s because he holds a special place in this family as the best friend to a little boy who’s world was turned upside down when the arrival a new little sibling came to our house.  Baby Bear has been there for Mikey when his tired worn out parents have turned their attention the the screaming kid rather than the calm little angel who is yearning for attention. Thank you Baby Bear for being there always for Mikey.

Baby Bear

On another note.  I’ve been inspired by all the people who do photography on the side (man there’s a ton of you) and so I read the entire owners manual/ users guide for my awesome camera today.  I love my camera, I just don’t know how to use it entirely.  So I want to take classes really really bad!  Maybe more than having my hubby do all those nice things like the guys pictured in my previous blog entry.  I did get excited to figure out how to take black and white pictures, but have 1 color still show through.  Baby Bear is a good model because he holds still really well!  So here’s what I did today just to try out my new found technique.  I could get excited about this photography stuff.