Game On


Mikey has taken a liking to playing games and related activities.  For Christmas he got Dora dominoes, Sesame Street dominoes, and for his birthday he got Mickey Mouse dominoes.  Can you guess what we play at our house all the time? 

He’s pretty good too! We showed him once how to turn the doubles side ways and continue placing pieces along them and he does it! 

Other games we play- Snap card game (similar to Egyptian War), go fish, Bingo (he’s way good at this one), checkers (still learning this one), chess (well, this one is a bit advanced so maybe mastery by kindergarten), the Cookie Jar game (played at 18 months), and the motorized fishing pond game (my least fave!)

And this kid loves puzzles!  No little red finger knobs needed.  He did a United States puzzle with Mike once and now attempts it all by himself.  If he starts with California, then he looks at the box and can figure out which pieces go where.  We’re learning states with this little activity.  He can tell you which one is missing too- West Virginia! 

So I was a crazy first time parent and was a little worried when Mikey turned 1 and wasn’t talking, but now as a 3 year old he blows me away with the stuff he can learn and retain! 

Joshy was having a hard day with teething and wouldn’t calm down for anything.  Mikey out of no where said, “Mommy, let I hold Voffy (Joshy) so he won’t be sad” and it totally worked!  Josh loves his big brother and Mikey is doing his best to teach Joshy all there is to know in the world including the rules of how to play all these games.   I sure love these cute little guys!

The House That Mikey Built

Yesterday, Mikey came to me and said he wanted to break something. I said why don’t we build something instead. His eyes lit up for that idea! Rather than use his wooden play tools and wooden pieces to build something like he usually does, he ran down stairs and returned with the big box of Duplos in his hands. He’s quite the strong little guy. He then preceeded to bring the 2nd box of Duplos upstairs as well.

So he said he wanted to build a house for Baby Dino (Josh’s equivalent of Baby Bear) and so to work we went. I told him how to place the blocks all around Baby Bear (since Josh was playing with Baby Dino) and told him that we want to connect the blocks together to make the walls of the house. I started and Mikey did the rest.

And as soon as we built the house, Mikey had the instinctive desire to destroy it with an iron fist, or foot rather!