Dear Big Brother Mikey,


I just wanted to let you know that while you’re away at Grandma’s house I am holding my own back here at the house.  I’ve been playing with your Power Wheels Jeep in the garage and I even rode your bike a little bit.  I think Daddy will be able to realign the handle bars, but don’t worry, I didn’t get a scratch on it, anywhere!  I promise!

The Geo Trax are all doing well too!  I’ve watched you plenty of times load up the passengers and cargo and then move the handle on the remotes to make the trains move, so I gave it a try and did really well!  They are so much fun.  And I even put them back when I was done playing… well, most of them.

The puzzles I’m not too good with, yet!  I got a bit frustrated and just threw the pieces in a pile with all the Cox box of blocks that are all over the family room.  When you get home you can clean those up!

And I was having a difficult morning, so Mommy let me use your sippy bowl!  I love that thing!  I ate some cereal and then I even was able to sip up some cereal milk from the bowl.  I think I’ll want this bowl every morning now.  And I really wanted to use your place mat at lunch time too!  Did I mention we ate your favorite, mac n cheese, for lunch today?  You’re really missing out big brother. 

I wasn’t really in the mood for a nap, so guess what?  Mommy let me stay up.  That never happens when you’re here!

This evening we’re ordering pizza!  I’m so excited!  And Uncle Brian and Heather are coming over and we’re going to paint in Mommy’s room.  Maybe Unkee Brian will let me fly your kite tonight as well!  I think I can keep the kite strings untangled and off of the neighbor’s roof!?

So I am having a really great time with just Mommy and she’s paying a whole lot more attention to me with out you around, but I miss you Big Brother.  I hope you’re having fun at Grandma’s, but next time can you take me too?  I think Mommy deserves a much needed break from all her boys, even if it’s only for a weekend.  I am sleeping through the night, so I think Grandma would be okay if I came up too!  I kind of miss having you around to play with and chase and make funny sounds with.  Mommy just doesn’t do it right! 

Well give all my cousins slobbery kisses and tell them I will be up soon,

Little Brother Joshy