Happy Birthday Aunt Michelle

So today is Mikey’s favorite aunt’s birthday!! She gets to share the day with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics so the plan was to go to her house and eat Chinese food from our favorite Ho Ho Ho restaurant (the food is much better than the name) and watch the Opening Ceremonies. Yeah, well, she went to St. George and then snuck back to Vegas to go to work and didn’t even tell us she was in town. Whatever!!! So no Chinese celebration at her house, but we still love her!!

Top 10 reasons why we love Aunt Michelle:

10- she lives in Vegas and we know her garage code and alarm code to get in the house

9- she totally pays for take out whenever we want to come over

8- she has an endless supply of M&Ms in her cupboard within a toddler’s reach

7- she’s not afraid of poopy diapers, screaming babies, or the messes they make

6- she’s a bargain shopper, will buy anything because it was a good deal, and then gives it to us a year after she bought it because it’s taking up room in her house

5- let’s us help her hang pictures, organize cupboards, run cables and wires throughout the house. And she loves our homemade quilting and crafting abilities that are slowly adorning her home

4- has great “discussions” with Mike about opposing views in politics, religion, ethics, and all the grey matter in between

3- has multiple copies of DVDs so it’s okay to borrow a few and keep them for extended periods of time

2- will buy train pieces to add to Mikey’s collection of Geo Trax and has as much fun with them as he does

1- gives the best Christmas presents- some day (hopefully before next Christmas) she’s going to take us to Dream Dinners and we won’t have to cook our dinners for a week!! Such a treat!

July 2008