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Alrighty!  We have about 7 hours before we go in to surgery to get this little guy out (and only the little guy, no messing with reproductive organs like my doc keeps asking every week)- “Now we’re tying your tubes this time, right Amanda?” 

“Absolutely not!” I say back every time!!

So we’ve had our last meal before the c-section, Cheerios and toast, and I’m supposed to fast for 8 hours before, but we’ll see if the hunger gets the best of me throughout the day.  I’ll post tonight when we’re actually in the hospital and have a baby boy to name and take pictures of.  I’m not sure what the heck I’m feeling right now.  A little in denial maybe with a hint of what the heck am I doing??  Oh well!  Too late to turn back now =o) Ready or not, this baby is coming out today!!  I’m caught up with all the laundry, did a load of dishes and swept the kitchen floor this morning already.  If I’m really ambitious today, I’ll clean toilets.  There’s nothing quite like a super clean bleach smelling bathroom to make me all warm and fuzzy inside.  I guess just knowing I’m resting on a germ free throne makes me all giddy.  I wonder if I will even care when I get home from the hospital though?! �