You [Should] Listen to the AM Radio

Jerk of the Week Sponsor

My husband is on KXNT!! 

Just look on the right hand side of their website in yellow and black where he’s sponsoring the “Jerk of the Week”.  They have nicknamed hubby the Geek of the Week as a result. 

Well here’s the story.  Dear hubby loves loves loves listening to talk radio, especially KXNT. And he really likes listening to Casey Hendrickson!  Well they were looking for a sponsor for their “Jerk of the Week segment” and hubby really really really wanted to do it!  This is like one of those things where you know it would make dear hubby happy, he’s been trying really hard to be resourceful with his time and money, but basically he really really really wanted to do this!  It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity that he really wanted to be a part of.  Or maybe he just wanted to hear his name on the radio?!?  So sometimes you have to give in and just say YES dear hubby. YES you can do that!!!!  So he met with “The Boss” and sent over his business image and signed some papers and now he’s on their website as a sponsor!

Hubby is a true computer geek if you haven’t figured it out.  He’s appropriately named the company “Las Vegas Geeks” and in case you’re thinking of those other geeks- hubby was here first AND he’s much less expensive and more personable!!   So hooray for me for letting hubby do something he really wanted =o)  You know the feeling I’m sure ladies =o)