I Would Walk 500 Miles…

Blogging is so much fun!  I think I enjoy reading others’ blogs and following the links to all their friends (c’mon I know you do it too!) to see what strangers and long lost people I know are doing in their lives and pick off some cute ideas for my blog. 

I’ve managed to find a ton of people from my home ward growing up, some people who were in previous wards, and there are quite a few people in my current ward who have blogs!  And then there’s the total strangers I’ve come to meet through blogging.  I never thought some of these people would be the blogging type, but that goes to show you what I know!!

I must say that some people have no fears of identity theft, crazy stalkerish people, or the chance that posting too much info just might get you into some trouble down the line.  I haven’t posted as many pics as I’d like because I too have a small “fear” of my site getting into the wrong hands or attracting the wrong kind of people.  Hello, no stalkers please!!

I’m so surprised at the many pictures of houses with nearly everything listed just shy of the street address, families names and birthdays listed, and pictures of naked kiddos!  Are people really that naive to think that nothing bad can or will happen or am I just overly cautious and leery when I see this stuff?  Don’t get me wrong, I am finding that I too have posted too much info myself and haven’t removed it, but I guess when I see it on others’ sites then it makes me realize how unsafe it could be.  There are some psychos out there that would trek 500 miles to your city,  find your house, and do who knows what to your family, so people please…. be more careful and cautious when you post!!  

I guess the easy fix would be to only allow my blog to have log in access, but then how would all you wonderful people find my blog and catch up on my little ole life?  Hmmm.  I’m allowing all to view freely; no restrictions here and hopefully not any time soon!