It’s Been 4 Months Since I Had This Kid…

Time is flying and I am so happy! I think the newness of having a newborn has finally worn off and we are slowly transitioning into the infant stage. He’s getting bigger and able to do more and he’s just such a little cutie pie! Here’s some cool milestones that will eventually make it into that scrapbook I keep putting off:

– 14 lbs

-24 3/4 inches long

– smiles and giggles (Mikey was the first one to get him to laugh)

– wears size 2 diapers

– rolls from his back to side, but not quite to his stomach, yet!

– grabs dangling toys and tries to eat them

– grabs hair and gently pulls

– likes to eat his toes, fingers, blanket, anything he can grab!!

– is entertained by Mikey playing with toys

– let’s out a high pitched squeal when you pick him up and he’s happy- it’s loud!!

– isn’t afraid of Mikey and all the hugs and kisses he has to offer

– takes naps in his crib (finally), but prefers the car seat for most of the night

– rubbed out most of his hair; he has a Donald Trump comb over on top and a little bit of fuzz on the sides

– is overall a happy healthy baby who we just love to show off!