It’s Been 2 Months Since I Had This Kid

Josh and Daddy Josh at 2 months 

I can’t believe how big Josh is getting and how fast time is going by.  I don’t mind at all!  He sure is a cute little guy and we’re slowly starting to get glimpses of his little personality.  I think he’s going to be a social butterfly, talking to anyone who will listen, and willing to lend a ear if you just want to talk.  Here are a few milestones for the unfinished (not even started) scrapbook:

-Weighed 12 lbs. 6 oz at his 2 month check up.  Quite some growing from the little 7 lb babe he used to be

– Gives some big smiles to whomever is holding him- cousin Laura, Grandma, mommy, daddy…

– Does not like a wet diaper at all!  And boy can he fill them up fast.  Only 2 blowouts so far, so we’re feeling lucky if it’s only a once a month occurrence. 

– Coos and gurgles to no end.  He’s already telling stories and babbles when Mikey asks him to say the prayer.  It’s really interesting stuff he has to tell!

– Starting to be amused on his play mat, in his swing, and in the bouncy chair by the hanging toys.  He really likes to look at them and will stay content for quite a while.

– Blows lots of spit bubbles. 

– Enjoys taking a bath and having warm water all around. He doesn’t fuss at all.  He even pooped once in the tub!  A first for these parents!! 

– Stays asleep during car rides.  This is a good sign since we’re planning a 5 hour trip to Utah to visit grandparents.

5 Golden [Hours]

Of sleep that is.  Joshy has 2 nights in a row slept for 5 hours at the first part of the night.  And last night was fabulous- 5 hours between feedings and then 4 hours between feedings.  That puts little Miss Mommy up at 2am and 6am!  Not too bad really.  So we’re making progress =O) 

Does anyone have one of those angelic kids that slept through the night at 3 months???  I’m hoping that Josh will do that, but I’m just letting him call the shots as for sleeping and waking right now.  He’s almost 2 months old which is going by so fast that it’s wonderful…. I’m all ready for him to hold his head up, crawl, eat Cheerios.   I’m not too much a fan of this newborn stage, but it does make for cute pictures!