It’s Been 10 Months Since I Had This Kid

Well little Joshy is¬†finally making the transition to being a mobile little guy.¬† He isn’t crawling, but he sure can scoot on his tummy and pull himself along the kitchen floor at a quick pace. Here’s what he’s been doing lately:

-Sits up for an extented time (you have to sit him up) and then falls back and rolls on his tummy to start “pull crawling”

– Has 2 bottom teeth and more on the way

– Wears size 3 diapers

– Has discovered pb+j sandwich crusts under the kitchen table and tries his best to eat them

-Crunched a Cheerio in half, but just drools out the pieces

– Loves to be in the middle of whatever Mikey is playing with, usually leaving Mikey begging me to pick Josh up and hold him away from all the toys

– Got a haircut at Grandma N’s and looks completely different.

– Wakes 2 times a night and it’s taking a toll on me!

– Likes to type on the laptop

– Grabs for glasses and cheeks, sometimes hair

– Enjoys rolling to the toy bins, pulling things out, and kicking at whatever he can get his feet on

-Went ice fishing and did really well to sleep the whole time

-Can click and unclick ink pens

-Plays with door stops

– Happy disposition and will let anyone hold him, unless he’s hungry and I’m close by =o)