As They Grow

Need to get rid of your kid/baby clothes, toys, games, furniture, books, sports equipment, and everything else related to baby?  Stroller, carrier, bumbo, boppy, diaper bag, hair bows?

As They Grow is a city wide consignment event that lets you do just that.  You pick your price, tag your clothes, drop it off to them at the location, and they put them on racks and sell them!  It’s truly brilliant the way they set up and run everything.  It will be in mid March this year and really crept up fast!

I didn’t sell anything last year, but went to buy clothes and made such a killing for all 3 of my kiddos.  I saved so much money and bought lots of cool toys and books to give as Christmas presents to my kiddos.

If you don’t want to sell, that’s okay too!  Just go and buy and enjoy the great deals!

Maybe I’ll see you there!  Last year I ran into like 3 people from my previous ward.  I am totally going to beat them to the 5t-6 sized clothes to get my kid a nice Sunday suit! You know who you are! *wink*

There is another consignment event tentatively scheduled for July put on by another local group.  They are still trying to track down a location.  From what I hear, As They Grow is much more organized and just plain better for what ever that’s worth!

Day at the Museum

So my ward has weekly playgroups and then monthly field trips for moms/ dads with little kiddos who aren’t in school.  We went to the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum and seriously could have stayed until closing and still had tons to do!  My boys loved it!  I met a friend who I haven’t seen since Jr. High and of course, we pick right back up where we left off and got caught up in the short amount of time.   This was definitely one place we will return to in the summer since there’s so much to do and see and for all ages!

Christmas 2009

Yeah, better late than never!  We went to St. George for the holiday and had a fun time.  Mikey was so excited come Christmas Eve that it took him forever to fall asleep.  I love the excitement of little kids as they start to understand the holidays. 

We hung up a picture of some random person’s ultrasound from Google and placed in on the grand kid wall of fame!  We will have grand kid #13 for Mike’s parents which means they need to buy more picture frames, because our picture is frame-less.  They were pretty excited for the news on Christmas morning and then became concerned with our vehicle situation- my car only holds 2 car seats.  Not to worry, the truck can hold 3!

We had a fun time with cousins and family and tons of presents and excitement.  They boys set up a choo choo train to go around Grandma’s tree just like the one at our house.  Between trains and new toys, they stayed busy for quite some time!

Josh Turns 2

My parents came down this past weekend to celebrate Josh’s and my younger brother Brian’s birthdays.  My mom loves making the boys their bday cakes which is so nice for me.  I just provide supplies. 

So Josh got a dinosaur cake, big bday hat, helium balloons, a dinosaur stool hand painted by my mom, a ride on turtle, play kitchen, fishing puzzle, foam ABC puzzle, kite, garden rake, and lots of attention from everyone this weekend.  For being the 2nd child he sure made out well in the toy dept. 

More pics coming soon!

Holy December Batman!


Uh, is anyone else wondering where the year went and how December arrived so suddenly?  I remember our Halloween in California and then  just Sunday we arrived home from Utah to resume life after our Thanksgiving feasting.  I’m in awe!  It’s December!

Well we have successfully taken down Halloween decorations and the tree is up. We only put the tree up so the Christmas Train has something to go around.  Turning on the train is seriously a nightly December ritual and might be the only thing our boys enjoy about the whole holiday season. 

And Mikey did a very nice job hanging the ornaments on the tree today.  While the top 1/2 is a bit bare, I’m sure  when Josh wakes up from his nap to discover the hanging goodness and he will force us to move everything up a few feet and leave the bottom 1/2 bare. 

And to all those Christmas card sending maniacs who mail before the calendar even reads December, know that I have received my FREE photo cards with envelopes and shall be making a much earlier trip to the Post Office compared to last year (I sent them out during January with a “better late than never” attitude).  I’m still debating on my Christmas song parody to write out for our family Christmas letter.  Can’t rush perfection, or lack of any ideas =o)

I’m really excited for Christmas this year.  Maybe because I did really well in August to toy shop at KMart when toys were 75% off and I used coupons =o) or because I’m determined  to finish up some unfinished Christmas craft projects.  Really, I’m going to finish them!  My kiddos are old enough to open presents and get excited for them, which I think is the best part of being a parent during the holidays.  Oh, and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows is delightful too!  There’s just so much good holiday cheer and excitement this year.  Anyone else super excited?

Josh Turns 13 AND 14 Months Old

I kind of missed posting about Josh at 13 months so we’ll just combine the 2!

I love babies at this stage.  Sure makes going through the newborn stage hard, but at least the fun stages are not too far off.  Josh has developed by leaps and bounds in the past 2 months!  He is so much fun and keeps us following at a close distance behind him.

– He signs food, milk, and more

– Can pull himself up to standing position and scale along the couch

-Climbs the stairs every night to go take a bath

– Turns onto his stomach to get off of beds, go down stairs, and slide off couches

– Has only worn shoes twice.  He prefers to be barefoot and isn’t afraid to climb over rocks to get to where he wants to be

-Moos like a cow when  prompted

-Covers his eyes to play peek a boo

– Blows kisses and gives slobery kisses to you before going to bed

-Takes a nap at 10am and 4pm on the dot.  (Such a nice good baby for still taking 2 naps!)

– Prefers touching cats rather than dogs

– Tries to tickle Mikey and enjoys climbing all over him

– Can spot a dessert or soda from a table away and has quite a sweet tooth.  Has taken a liking to Grandma’s homemade rootbeer and can drink it from a cup with some help. (Serves me right for eating sweets my entire pregnancy with him!)

-Stays with Daddy during 2nd and 3rd hour for church, but in a few months he’ll be able to attend nursery with Mom.

– Crawls regular and gets to where he’s going fast!

-Weighs about 18lbs

– Has tried eating rocks on numerous occassions in the backyard.

– Waves bye-bye to anyone and everyone

– Climbs in the dishwasher to help often

– Opens the bathroom drawers to play with Qtips and cotton balls

-Pulls all my shoes off their rack every morning in the closet

-Still prefers Mommy over Daddy, but is becoming more of a Daddy fan every day.

-Loves to play with balloons, pinwheels, and anything with small holes for his fingers.

-Stands and pushes the play shopping cart across the family room and soon I’m sure we’ll be recording his first steps!



To anyone who has little kids or teaches little kids, you have to check this out!  This amazing mom has the best homemade ideas for teaching children, well, anything!  So much stuff, so little time.  Talk about great ideas to keep your kids quiet during church, or stuff to go along with the little book you are reading at home, or stuff for home schooling if you go that route.   It’s so simple and yet so cool!  My 3 year old is going to love me!!!  There’s printables, beanbags,   arts and crafts, oh just go check out the site already!

There is an alphabetical list of activities at the very bottom of this page that go along with the projects from the 1+1+1=1 blog:

Game On


Mikey has taken a liking to playing games and related activities.  For Christmas he got Dora dominoes, Sesame Street dominoes, and for his birthday he got Mickey Mouse dominoes.  Can you guess what we play at our house all the time? 

He’s pretty good too! We showed him once how to turn the doubles side ways and continue placing pieces along them and he does it! 

Other games we play- Snap card game (similar to Egyptian War), go fish, Bingo (he’s way good at this one), checkers (still learning this one), chess (well, this one is a bit advanced so maybe mastery by kindergarten), the Cookie Jar game (played at 18 months), and the motorized fishing pond game (my least fave!)

And this kid loves puzzles!  No little red finger knobs needed.  He did a United States puzzle with Mike once and now attempts it all by himself.  If he starts with California, then he looks at the box and can figure out which pieces go where.  We’re learning states with this little activity.  He can tell you which one is missing too- West Virginia! 

So I was a crazy first time parent and was a little worried when Mikey turned 1 and wasn’t talking, but now as a 3 year old he blows me away with the stuff he can learn and retain! 

Joshy was having a hard day with teething and wouldn’t calm down for anything.  Mikey out of no where said, “Mommy, let I hold Voffy (Joshy) so he won’t be sad” and it totally worked!  Josh loves his big brother and Mikey is doing his best to teach Joshy all there is to know in the world including the rules of how to play all these games.   I sure love these cute little guys!

New Vocabulary Words

So I’m babysitting 2 days a week which is nice, because Mikey can have some friends and I can get things done while they entertain eachother.  Well today the 5 year old power ranger lover introduced some new vocabulary to Mikey.  My little 3 year old now throws around the words “battle” and “fight” which I’m not sure what I think about it.  It’s not so bad I guess when you put it in context of how they were playing and using their new vocabulary words- placing little Geo Trax people on the train track for the trains to come by and hit them and knock them off the track.  Basically they were playing ‘chicken’ with people and trains.  At least they weren’t duking it out with fists and noses on my couches or the train table, right?  We still haven’t played with toy guns of any kind, so I can be happy about that!